5 Oral Sex Tips for Men 

5 Oral Sex Tips for Men

Treat your woman right with these 5 simple tips

For men, being on the receiving end of oral sex is a mind-blowing experience. It is by far one of the most enjoyable, sensual, and sexual experiences you can have, and it should be the same for your partner. Let’s face it – 9 out of 10 men do not really know what they are doing down there. That’s why it is considered as a talent for a man to make a woman orgasm with his mouth alone.

To make it more difficult, every woman has a different set of preferences, and figuring them out isn’t that easy. But don’t fret. Oral sex can be quite simple once you get the hang of it, and in no time, you would take charge of the bedroom with these simple tips. Here are 5 oral sex tips for men:

Make her comfortable

Men are like firecrackers. All we need is someone to light us up and we’ll explode. Women? They are more like coffee; it takes them a while to brew and heat up. You can’t give a woman an electrifying orgasm if you won’t let her warm up first. Make her comfortable, and as much as possible, do not rush. Women are aware that sometimes it takes them longer to orgasm, and they can really get self-conscious over that. Let her feel that you’re not in a rush, and it will come to you.

Use anticipation to your advantage

Don’t just dive in like you’re hungry. Make her wait and anticipate. You know her most sensitive parts, and those are the ones you should leave for last. Be sensual and play with your lips down there, but don’t give everything in one swoop. The best thing about playing down under is that you have a visual confirmation that what you’re doing is working. When you know that she can’t hold it in much longer, that’s when you give it to her.

Pick the right place

Unlike us men who can literally enjoy a head anywhere, women need to be in a place where they can feel like having an orgasm. Obviously, that wouldn’t be in an apartment with thin walls; unless you don’t mind catching awkward stares from your neighbor, or you’re into stuff like that. Pick the right place, preferably with soundproofing – if you know what I mean.

Work for it

For women, an orgasm is like a reward. Only men who are worthy can enjoy making them come. The problem is, not all men are patient enough to work it till the end. Expect that going down on her can take as much as 15 minutes, but that’s all worth it in the end.

Take libido enhancers

Since oral sex can take a while, your libido can get really down especially when you’re bored. When you’re no longer in the mood, she would definitely feel it, and it would be really awkward to finish her off without being in the mood. Take the best male enhancement supplements to boost your libido to last the whole night. Supplements like Formula 41 Extreme has libido boosting elements to help you sustain your libido for a whole night’s worth of sex adventures.