How to Flirt When You’re a Shy Guy

by Joseph Printer
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There’s nothing wrong with being shy. People who are shy tend to be better listeners and more intelligent than their rowdy counterparts. It’s good to be a little “mysterious”, but being too quiet can take a toll on your social life. Here’s how to get the girl while keeping your shy guy vibe flowing.

Stop calling yourself “shy”

12bCalling yourself shy, quiet, awkward, etc is only going to keep you from changing. The goal here is not to be shameful of your “shyness”, but to be proud of it. Try calling yourself mysterious. When you talk, everyone listens because you say so little. Everything that comes out of your mouth is profound. Try to think of some characters on TV shows, movies, books, that you relate to. Start seeing parts of yourself in those characters and bring that into your day to day interactions. When you’re talking to a girl, really BE that tall, dark, man of few words. This will bring a natural confidence to your vibe that shy guys don’t often have.

Use flirtatious touching

Since forming sentences isn’t your forte, why not try some physical flirting. A playful push, poke or tap can be very powerful. Depending on where you are and what time of day it is, touching is always a good way to form a bond with a woman. Poking and light pushing are fun and flirty especially if you’ve already known each other for a while. Instead of shaking her hand like you’re at the office, why not take both hands and pull her a little closer to you. Women also love being guided, try taking her hand and lead her to a quieter place.

Don’t use texting as a crutch

12aShy guys and girls love texting. You have time to collect your thoughts and therefore sound super clever and hilarious. However, she will start to see that you are incongruent with your character and will begin to see how shy you really are. A good rule of thumb is to text like you talk. Imagine how you would respond in real life. Less is more when it comes to texting and when you’re a man of few words, you can use this to your advantage.

Get out of the house

Introverts love to stay home. If given the choice to go out and socialize or to stay home and play video games and eat chicken fingers, the latter would win every time. As a shy person you may find yourself not getting invited to social gatherings, parties etc and it’s because people assume you’re going to say no. It’s not because you’re unpopular, you’ve just conditioned people to stop asking you. Turn this around by saying yes the first four to five times and then you will be more likely to be invited every other time. You can’t expect to meet girls if you’re cooped up all day.


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