5 secret tricks to win over your date

5 secret tricks to win over your date

So we know it seems like a major score when the girl you’ve been chatting with on OkCupid or Tinder finally agrees to meet up in person. Congrats, bro! Judging by her picture, you’ve picked a winner.
But now what? How can you be sure to impress her, make your date go smoothly, and boost your chances of having a little fun afterwards?

We consulted our female experts and put together 5 Secret Tips for you that will practically guarantee your date will go smoothly… and that she’ll be left hoping for a little more than just dinner!

Trick #1 – Don’t be early.

You’re reading this thinking “What…?” We know you’ve probably been told your whole life to put on a nice shirt and show up to your date a bit early to show that you’re serous. But take it from our female experts – if you show up early and she shows up on time after you, what happens?

Two things – first, she’ll instantly start off the date feeling bad that she’s kept you waiting. She has no way to know how early you showed up or how long you’ve been sitting there. She’ll walk up to you, smile guiltily, and apologize for being late – even if she’s arrived only two minutes after the time you’d planned. (Feeling familiar yet?) First impressions are everything, so you want the date to start off with her feeling excited and happy to meet you…not with her feeling bad and apologizing!

The second thing is even more important. Like we said, if you’re already there when she arrives on time, she has absolutely no way of knowing how long you’ve been there. You could have been there for the past hour, sitting around nervously and waiting for her. Sounds weird, but some weird guys do that kind of thing, and chances are she’s probably seen it happen before. One of your big goals on this date is to prove to her that you’re a cool, normal guy – and not some desperate internet weirdo. So don’t be too early!

But be careful with this one, guys. You definitely don’t want to show up too late and keep her waiting on you for ages – she’ll be wondering if you stood her up and she may even leave! There’s a sweet spot within right on time and about ten minutes late. Aim for the sweet spot.

(And even if she shows up really late and ends up apologizing anyway, don’t sweat it. Since she’s the one who was actually late, she was probably feeling stressed and worried on the way over. Reassure her that it’s no problem, give her a smile to show that you mean it, and tell her you had some phone calls you had to make anyway. You’ll cheer her up instantly and help make sure that she starts the date off on the right foot!)