3 Sure-Fire ways to NEVER get “friend-zoned” again

by Joseph Printer
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There’s nothing worst than getting “friend-zoned”. It’s happened to millions of dudes all around the world, and I can almost guarantee it has happened to you. Sometimes it feels like a sweet little deprecating pat on the cheek and sometimes it’s like a slap in the face. You think to yourself…but I was so nice to her. Why doesn’t she see me the way I see her? Maybe I’ll go all Daniel Radcliffe in the F-word and be her friend so hard there will be no friendship left and she’ll finally realize were meant to date each other.

What if I told you, there are ways to avoid the friend zone all together?

1. Slip in observations of desire

If a girl you’re interested in asks you a question. Before you answer say something like, “You are so adorable”, or “You’re eyes are the color of the ocean” and then immediately snap back to answering the question. Don’t even let her say “thank you”. Not letting her respond to what you just said is crucial. You don’t want to sit there like a dog waiting for a treat. Throw it out there as an observation and get back to regular conversation. You want to make it seem like you said it just because you wanted to, kind of like “Hey, it’s hot outside”. By doing this you will appear non-needy while presenting yourself as a potential sex partner.

2. Give a peck on the neck

This is a really good move for both staying out of and escaping the friend zone. You can do this in either case and will get good results. If you have a female friend who you are interested in, next time you are engaging in a mutual hug, give her a quick peck on the neck at the end. When you have released the hug, pretend it never happened. I repeat, do not seek a reaction of any kind from this. You want the kiss to be like you were kissing you’re great aunt on the cheek. Super quick and dry. After which you immediately go into conversation. She might seem a little shy after that, but you can bet she will be overcome with emotion and maybe even start seeing you as more than a friend…

3. Talk about sex in a tasteful way

By talking about sex with your person of interest, you are almost definitely putting ideas in their head. Most likely, naughty ideas…There is definitely a time and a place to do this and the more “natural” it comes up, the better. Don’t ask Tracy from the office out if the blue; “so how often do you masturbate?”. That probably won’t go over well. You’re better off talking about sexual theory than to get personal with it, such as “Did you know married couples only have sex once a week on average?” Let her respond and see where the conversation goes from there…

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