6 Foods that can make you smelly

by Joseph Printer
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Do you know where that awful smell comes from?

Have you ever wondered why people just have a certain smell to them? It’s probably because of their diet. Certain food types affect how your body works, and with it comes the effect on your body odor. Certain types of foods can make you smell. The problem is, you can’t tell if you smell. Your olfactory senses can get used to your smell and you become completely oblivious to your body odor, until someone points it out.

Avoid embarrassment because of your body odor. Know the foods that make you smelly in the list below.

Here are 6 foods that can make you smelly:


One of the smelliest foods that you can eat is asparagus. Although asparagus is actually good for your body because of its nutritional content, the aftermath of eating asparagus is just unbearable. Asparagus contains mercaptan, a sulfur compound, which breaks down into smelly components that is most evident in urine. However, the smell is sometimes so strong that it can be sensed by people around you.


Has anyone told you that you have a coffee breath? Our favorite morning beverage can help start our day, but it can eventually lead to bad odor. Coffee is a natural diuretic, which means that it dries out your body faster than it should, which leaves your mouth dry. Having little moisture on your mouth concentrates bacteria, which produces halitosis. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated after drinking coffee, and brush your teeth afterwards to prevent bacteria buildup.


Have you ever wondered why people from curry-loving countries smell differently? It’s because curry, as much as we love it in our meals, can blend and mix with your body’s natural odor. Eating curry can make it stay for days in your pores. Having it regularly in your diet gives you that signature curry smell – something that nobody would like on a man.


The tangy taste of garlic may be a treat to your senses, but once it gets digested, it can be a nasty experience for the people around you. This is because of Allicin, a compound found in Garlic. Allicin breaks down quickly during digestion, where it converts to other substances that cause bacteria to mix with sweat.


We’re all too familiar with the lingering smell of alcohol. No matter if you’re drinking beer, wine, bourbon, or tequila, alcohol goes through the body and parts of it seeps through the pores and some go through your breath, which just makes it even more pungent when combined with bacteria in your mouth.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce can actually make you smell funny because of its sulfur content. Although these greens contain a huge amount of nutrients and antioxidants, the stench from the product sometimes exists when you belch, or even worse, when you pass gas. If you’re relying on vegetables to get your daily RDA but you do not want to smell bad in the process, use multivitamins instead. Ultimate Man Once A Day contains every nutrient that you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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