5 Reminders for Breakup Sex 

5 Reminders for Breakup Sex

A man’s breakup sex reminder for men

Hardly anything is acceptable when you break up with your partner, and nobody gives us a set of rules to follow about how to deal with exes after breaking up. If there’s anything sweet about breaking up with your partner, it’s the breakup sex. It’s the last hurrah for you and your partner, and you get to let everything go with one loud bang. The problem is, men are typically bad at handling breakup sex.

Breakup sex is really more complicated than it seems. While you’re both in the mood for some loving, part of you thinks at how good or how bad it is that this would be your last time in bed together. By putting all gooey-eyed feelings aside, here are 5 reminders to live by when you’re engaging in breakup sex:

Wear a condom

If there’s any kind of sex that you should wear a condom, breakup sex should be right up there. Remember when they say that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned? You’re probably getting scorned and scorched while you think you’re scoring. Regardless of how amicable your breakup is, you should still protect yourself by wearing a condom. Just think about this – for your last hurrah, she might slip off the pill and you might get her pregnant, which binds you to her side for at least 18 more years. The horror!

Go for multiples

Don’t settle for just one, do multiples! It’s your last chance at having sex. Essentially, it’s no-guilt, no-commitment sex. Just like the ones you have when you go home with a woman from the bar. Okay, so you had a thing once, but now it’s over. Make the most out of it at least. Take the best male enhancement pills to maximize your sexual stamina, and go all day, all night. After all, it’s the last time you get to do it.

Don’t overthink it

Sex is just sex, most especially when it’s breakup sex. You probably have a reason for separating, and keep that in mind. Having breakup sex doesn’t mean that you’re going to have couple sex anytime soon. Get that to your head ASAP.

Respect your ex

Here’s one advice you probably won’t hear from other men. Even though it’s breakup sex, you still have to respect your ex. It doesn’t mean that you get to do really weird things you’ve never tried when you were together. You were together, and that should mean something. Don’t do something you’ll ever regret.

Perform your best

You wouldn’t want to be that guy that didn’t get it up for the last time, right? Because that’s what you will be remembered for, and it’s not a good thing. Make sure that you can get it up, and if you can, perform your best in bed. If there’s anything that you would  want to be remembered for, it’s for being the ex that was a beast in bed. Take Formula 41 Extreme to boost your libido and sexual performance. You won’t regret it.