How To Get Her To Chase You

by Joseph Printer
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It’s usually the men who like to pursue and the women who like to be chased. It must have to do with some ancient DNA that still hasn’t evolved since the tribal days. You could look at it from a biological stand point and consider the male sperm versus the female egg. The female has one egg per month. That’s her one chance to reproduce. Men have unlimited chances to reproduce. Can you blame her for being at least a little bit picky. Despite all this, how do you switch the roles so that the woman is chasing the man? It all comes down to these three key things.

Stop Caring

This is huge. You need to stop caring about her. This needs to be an ultimate truth deep within your core. You can’t just act like it or “convey” that you don’t care about her. You really need to BE it. How do you do this? Try to get her off the pedestal in your mind. Think about how she’s really just a human like you and everyone else on the planet. Think about all the mundane moments in your life and realize her life is the exact same. This is one way to be more “valuable” to her than she is to you. She will sense this and begin to chase you, and try to get you to pay attention to her. She will wonder why you don’t care about her when everyone else does.11a

Use “push-pull”

This will make her obsessed with you. You want to be flirtatious and friendly one minute and then the next minute you are aloof and dismissive. This needs to be directed towards her specifically, not at the world in general. She needs to know that you think SHE specifically has annoyed you. Tell her “Oh wow I like what you did with your hair today”. She will most likely appreciate the compliment and wonder if you like her. The next time she talks to you or you talk to her, have an annoyed tone in your voice, like she’s interrupting you. You are confusing her, she doesn’t know what to make of you. You are mysterious to her and thus, the chasing begins. Is this a mind game? Yes. Is it wrong? Maybe. Does it work? Unfortunately, it does.

Be a man of high value


What does it mean to be of “high value”. It doesn’t mean to have a lot of money or drive a fancy car. It means you see yourself as a
high value person. You think you deserve to take up space on the planet as much as, if not more than, anyone else. When women see that you see yourself in a high regard, they will notice that and will want a piece of that pie. This isn’t about walking around, bragging about yourself. It’s about being your biggest fan. Also known as self love.

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