What Women Wish You Learned in Sex Ed

by Joseph Printer
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Most of us have experienced that awkward hour and a half of watching your gym teacher put a condom on a banana. Sex Ed is mostly focused on consent, STD prevention and birth control methods. All very important things to know. What we were never taught was HOW to actually have sex and more importantly how to make HER come. Now that I think of it, I don’t remember one word being said about clitoral stimulation, but hopefully times have changed since my last class. Here is everything she wishes you knew about getting her off.

We are very sensitive down there

Going too hard and fast when fingering the clitoris can make us pretty sore the next morning. Realize that you should only really be using your hands to tease (at the very beginning) and to get us to the finish line (at the very end) when we’ve swollen up a bit and there’s plenty of natural lubrication.

Our comfort level is everything


Did you know that only 40% of women report being able to climax with an unfamiliar partner on the first date? You might be doing everything right, but we just can’t come because we don’t know you. This is where encouragement from you becomes very important. The minute you start taking her clothes off, she’s going to start to feel self-conscious. To get her out of her head, it’s crucial that you compliment her like crazy. Tell her how beautiful she looks, how sexy her body is. This will reassure her and more importantly, make her trust you.

Foreplay is our favorite part

There’s only one thing that women love more than sex and that is attention. Having you fawn over our body is one of our greatest pleasures. It turns us on to be wanted by you. Nipple play is a must. Going back and forth between making out and licking her nipples is so incredibly hot. We want you to unapologetically worship our body as if every inch of it is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Grab her ass as if it belongs to you, we love that feeling of being admired. It gets us really wet.

Most if us need clitoral stimulation to come


Around 7% of women report being able to climax with penetration alone. See the concern here? If you aren’t giving her clitoral stimulation, you are making a big mistake. When you are stimulating the clitoris, you are also stimulating the g-spot and vice versa. It’s all connected! You don’t even have to give her an orgasm exclusively through oral either. Try going down on her, but not with the goal of making her come. Once she’s wet and panting, penetrate her and continue to stimulate her through the g-spot. She might come, but if she doesn’t, now is the perfect opportunity to switch back to her clitoris. This will give her a ground shaking orgasm.

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