How to Become the Most Successful Man in Your Circle

How to Become the Most Successful Man in Your Circle

Every man on earth wants to be a provider for his kids, girlfriend, parents, and any other important person in their life. In addition, they also want to have the most money out of anyone in their circle of friends.

Having a lot of money and being able to pay for anything out of your own pocket in front of everyone makes you feel amazing, like you’re king of the world. There is little that can top the feeling of paying for an entire dinner than you invited your friends to.

So if you want to be the most successful dude in your group of friends, here’s how you can give yourself the best chance to make it happen:

#1 – Stop Spending Your Money on Stupid Stuff

Want a new car? Stop and think about what it will give you. It’s only a car, and after a few months, it’ll be just like any other car on the road.

Want that expensive coffee drink every day? Think about buying those every day, and then think about how much that adds up to be over the course of a year.

Still purchases like this need to be avoided if you want to be successful. Pinching pennies allows you to focus your earnings on actual business ventures so you can make money. Buying silly coffee drinks every day for $5 per drink will add up to over $6,700! And that’s just one year. Imagine what else you’re wasting money on?

#2 – Think About a Good Business to Run

This is the most important part, and the part that will make you money. You need to sit down and brainstorm some ideas for a business, and you don’t even need to be that complicated with it.

You’re not building the next Microsoft here, you’re just building a simple business to make you enough money to have some bragging rights.

The best and easiest ideas for starting out that require the least amount of money are Internet-based ventures. These can include website design businesses, SEO businesses, informative websites, or some other service that you can advertise on the web.

Informative websites require the least amount of skills. All you need is a website and some ability to write. You must consider a niche, though. If you’re writing random junk, you won’t get anywhere. For instance, if you’re focusing on technology, you should write mostly about technology and not about pets.

This should be your meal ticket in a year or so.

Get used to the cash, because it’ll be rolling in!