Dancefloor Game: How to Approach Any Girl

by Joseph Printer
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Dancefloor Game 2

You and your buddies decide to go “pickup chicks” at the local sock hop. If only we still had sock hops…those were simpler times. Approaching a girl on the dance floor is a little scary. She’s having fun with her friends and here you come, the “creepy guy”, to ruin the whole groove. Little did you know, you’re going about this “dancing” thing all wrong. Here’s how to be the guy all the girls want to dance with.

1.  Don’t just stand really

Here’s a classic snap shot of your average club. All the girls are in the middle dancing to Miley Cyrus’ “We Won’t Stop”, screaming the lyrics in unison. Then there are the guys…lining the perimeter and holding their drinks. Once you enter the venue, start tapping your foot right away, start feeling the music. And don’t be one of those guys who just stands and watches, it completely ruins your chance of talking to a girl later on. She’s already seen you staring instead of dancing, you already seem creepy. Get moving!

2.  Approach from in front, not from behind

If you see a girl you want to approach, walk around the group and approach from in front. First of all approaching from behind is more scary for the girl. Her first instinct will be too move away. Also, she may not even see you! Come at her from in front, her friends will see her looking at you and will make space. This is assuming you are following tip #3.

3.  Say Something!

Nothing is more awkward than just weaseling your way into a circle of girls, and not even saying anything. It’s especially awkward when you’re not making eye contact while you dance. The girls have no idea what kind of guy you are, which is why you need to show them you’re cool by speaking. Don’t introduce your self or ask how their night is going. If you ask mediocre questions you will get mediocre answers. Comment on the group, something simple like “Charlie’s Angels are here!” or, “Who’s the best dancer out of the three of you”. Funny enough, this tip ties into tip #4.

4.  Get in and get out

When you approach the group and make your statement or question. Don’t stick around for too long. They don’t want to be stuck with you following them around when there’s so many other people to meet and songs to dance to. If you stay too long, worry will wash over their faces and they will label you that “weird guy”. In order for this to be effective you need to already be having fun with your friends. You need to be at their level, laughing and goofing around. Once you say your statement, leave. Don’t try to leech any information off them. Just be like “alright!…”. You’ve met the group and now when you approach the girl in question, it will be like old friends.

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