Going in for the kiss

by Joseph Printer
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Going in for the kiss 1

Kissing a girl for the first time can be downright terrifying, especially if it’s the first date. It’s that moment near the end that seems to hang in time. Both of you are thinking about it. She might be thinking “I hope he doesn’t” or “ I hope he does”. You might be thinking “should I?” or “shouldn’t I”…Someone’s gotta make a move. Here are some tips to make sure that kiss happens.

1.   Give her signs

You can’t just be all friends-y throughout the date and then expect a kiss. At this point she’s expecting a high five at the most. Make it obvious you want to kiss her, she will pick up on it and won’t be all shocked when you try to plant one on her later. Look at her lips while she talks to you. She can see you doing that. She knows exactly what you’re thinking. Women are intuitive. She might respond by licking her lips or giving a smirk every time you do it. Or she might not give it any acknowledgement at all, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t notice.

2.  On the lips, or nothing at all

Kissing a girl on the cheek is a cop out and shows that you were too scared to go all the way. Do not make this mistake. She will be talking about it with her girlfriends for days afterward. This puts you in a “beta” kind of frame. It shows that you need her approval. If you want to kiss her, kiss her! It’s all or nothing. Believe it or not, it’s a bigger deal to women if you don’t go for the kiss than if you do. Even if she’s not interested in a second date, she will feel validated and that’s a good thing.

3.  Tell her about your urges

Tell her “I really want to kiss you right now, but I think I can wait a little longer”. Even if it’s the first date and you’re having dinner. It’s not inappropriate. Do you really think a girl would respond negatively to that? If anything you’re boosting her ego. She might say something like “awww, that’s sweet”, or she might just write it off and think you’re joking. Whatever response you get, you’re getting your point across and calibrating her for later. She will be mentally preparing herself and that’s exactly what you want to be happening.

4.  Recognize her signs

There are times when she’s just really hoping you don’t kiss her. If she’s not really starting conversation or looking off into the distance or seems distracted, something is wrong and she just wants to go home. She might just not like you or maybe you said something that threw her off. If you try to kiss a girl who’s acting like this, of course she’s going to turn away. She’s not feeling it and it’s very clear. Wait until she seems comfortable in the given situation.

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