5 Tips for Hot Morning Sex

by Joseph Printer
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Morning sex is the best kind of sex. Nothing like waking up to a warm naked body next to you and getting hot and heavy before breakfast. There’s no better way to start the day. Here’s how to have to have morning sex that’s hotter than the sun.

Get her comfortable


Women can feel a little bit more self conscious when they’re naked body is seen under full lighting. It’s a very hard feeling to shake, but can be remedied by words of encouragement from you. Whisper in her ear “I’m getting hard just looking at you. You’re so beautiful”. Anything you say to boost her confidence will lessen the chance of her turning down your advances. Get her in the mood by kissing her back, especially where it curves. She might not be able to feel at ease until she goes to the bathroom and brush her teeth. Give her the chance to take care of business and then she’ll be able to fully relax.

Keep it clean

There are some girls who just won’t feel comfortable with you going down on them unless they’ve showered or cleaned themselves down there. Have a package of unscented baby wipes in the bathroom for the both of you to use. It will put her mind at ease which will make for a better experience for everyone involved

Be lazy

One of the best things about morning sex is you can be totally lazy about it. One of the best positions for taking it easy is to get her on her side and spoon her from behind. Have her squeeze her legs together, it will make for a snugger fit. This is also a great position to massage her nipples while you fuck her for extra stimulation. When it’s all over you can just stay where you are and fall back to sleep. Perfect for the lazy man.

Give yourself time

Set your alarm an hour before you’re supposed to wake up. This will give you time to spend together without rushing out of bed. Morning sex is often cut short because of time constraints. It will never be an issue again if you are proactive and give yourself that extra hour or two.

Take it to the shower


Why not do it in bed AND the shower? You got all dirty together, now it’s time to clean off, get dirty again and then clean that off as well. Why not give her head in bed and then take your turn in the shower. Seeing her naked body all wet will get you hard instantly. Don’t forget to lube up and do not stand under the shower head. Water makes things squeakier not more slippery. The best position is her under the tap and you behind her. Have her place her hands on the wall right under the shower head and slip in from behind. Hold her hips to keep yourself steady.

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