Don’t Make these First Date Mistakes

by Joseph Printer
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You could argue that a first date is one of the most nerve racking experiences in the world. You have a lot to prove, and don’t worry, no one’s judging you on that shot of courage you took before heading out to the bar. Unfortunately there are some “first date don’ts” that happen far too often that totally turn women off. Make sure you get it right the first time by avoiding these common mistakes.

You are late

Being late immediately puts a damper on your date. I know this seems obvious but it happens far more often than you would think. Some people value being on time more than others. You have no idea what type of girl she is yet, so don’t even risk it. Be there exactly on time, or a little early even. It shows that you have your life together.

You make her pick the location

You aren’t doing her a favor by letting her decide where to go. The thing is, she wants to be “taken out” somewhere. Tell her “I know this awesome restaurant called “blank”, you’ll love it”. Asking her where she wants to go makes you seem like you need her approval which is a huge turn off. If you know where she lives, try to pick somewhere that’s close to her, this will minimize flaking.

You drink too much or not enough

If you need a little shot to take the edge off before you go off to the date, that’s totally fine. She probably did the same thing. At the actual date though, stick to one or two drinks. This isn’t the time to get “shit faced”. One the other hand, she will feel awkward if you don’t drink at all and she does. Always match what she’s consuming. If she’s pounding beers, then I guess it’s gonna be that kind of night…if she’s only having one drink, then she might judge you if you drink more than her.

You’re boring

Ok…I know this one also seems obvious, but don’t be boring. When people are “boring” it usually comes from a place of being insecure in yourself. You don’t really want to say what’s on your mind, so you stick to safe, boring subjects that you know will get a neutral response. Pretend you’re talking to your best friend. That’s what people really want, not “it’s cold out today, isn’t it?”

You don’t have any money

As in, you didn’t bring cash. Using your card on a date is risky because first of all, the place you go to might not accept credit or debit. Also, sometimes cards can get rejected, there might be a problem with the bank or the internet might go down. You don’t want to be stuck with her spotting you. She doesn’t expect you to pay for the whole thing, but you should be able to pay for your portion. Don’t risk it!

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