How to Date IRL


I can’t believe this is a thing, but it is. Dating in real life or “IRL” is making a comeback. People are tired of the flakes, the weirdos, the emotionally unavailable train wrecks. If you date IRL, you are screening out the crazies and get straight to the cool girls who are actually worth spending time with. Not to mention, cat fishing will become like a distant memory. In case you forgot how to do it, here are some tips to get dating in the real world.

1. Look up

Instead of walking down the street with you head in your phone, look up! Look who’s walking by, who you see through that store window, who is cashing you out at the grocery store. Say hello! It can’t hurt. If anything you will brighten their day and you will increase your pool of potential dates.

2. Ask your friends for their trash

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your friends probably have tons of online dates that fizzled out. Why not get them to refer you as a potential suitor. This is assuming of course nothing weird or bad happened between them. Hopefully most of the time it was just them agreeing they should just be friends. You never know what might come of it!

3. Get in touch with an old acquaintance

Contact one of your old co-workers, classmates etc….I know this is technically “online” because you probably don’t have her number if she’s an old acquaintance, but it’s still keeping it in your real life social circle. Maybe you saw something that day that reminded you of her and were compelled to message her. Try not to make it seem literally out of the blue. There should be a reason behind it. You don’t want her to sense you want something out of her.

4. Organize a double date

No one does double dates anymore! They’re so much fun and having your friend there will ease the awkwardness. Here’s how to engineer one of these suckers. If your friend is going on a date with a girl he already knows, ask if he’d be down to so a double date and get him to tell the girl to bring a friend. Girls absolutely love doing this kind of stuff. It’s something different from the typical dinner and movie.

5. Have multiple social circles

You can’t just hang out with your work friends all the time and expect to get dates. The best thing to remedy this is to do a lot of cool shit. Take some kind of weekly class, be it improv, life drawing, circuit training, anything you think would have a decent amount of women attending. It’s good to do something long term because people will be more likely to want to “hang out” afterwards. If it’s just a drop in class, the chance of people being open to making friends is way lower.