Crazy Misconceptions about Crossfit 

by Joseph Printer
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How many of these did you believe?

Crossfit is just one of the fitness disciplines that actually got to stay. In the United States alone, crossfit became a $4 Billion dollar brand – far from the fitness fad we all thought it was back in 2005. Crossfit is definitely profitable, and a lot more recreational athletes are buying in every day.

As big as crossfit is, it’s not safe from myths and misconceptions concocted by people who didn’t fully understand what the program is. We’ve all heard stories about crossfit, and you probably have close friends that do crossfit too, but what really is crossfit?

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program centered on a physical exercise philosophy and a competitive fitness sport. It combines the elements from HIIT, weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, girevoy sports, calisthenics, powerlifting, and strongman competitions. 

Many crossfitters have enjoyed success after picking up crossfit, and you might be itching to try it out too. But how much about crossfit do you really know and understand? Here are some crazy misconceptions about crossfit:

Crossfit is the only workout you need

While crossfit borrows elements from different disciplines, it doesn’t mean that you might not need other workouts to hit your fitness goals. There are other fitness goals that cannot be achieved through crossfit alone. For example, if you want to compete in an ironman challenge, crossfit might not be enough. Always match your goal with your workout. Crossfit is nice, but it doesn’t have everything you need.

You’ll get injured when you do crossfit

We’re not saying that you won’t get injured when you crossfit. Injuries do happen with crossfit, as well as other fitness programs. It’s far from the most dangerous workout that others claim. As always, if you’re careful and you know your limits, you would lessen your risk of injury.

It’s always a competition

Remaining competitive is a key element for many crossfitters, but not everyone feels the need to compete with another individual. For some, competing against themselves is enough. It’s important to stress that your progress cannot be defined by the achievements of others, but you should still strive to beat your personal best.

Crossfit is only for people who are in shape

Many people think that crossfit is only for the superfit people who are just itching for another challenge. In fact crossfit is designed for people to start gamifying their workouts to make them more interesting. All crossfit really is, is a challenge to the user to get them off of their seats and start working out.

Every class is the same

Like other fitness disciplines, crossfit is offered in classes. However, not all classes are the same. Classes are divided based on your experience with crossfit. Anyone can do crossfit but you shouldn’t be doing super intense workouts on your first day. The learning curve and development curve will apply, and more challenging workouts will be offered based on your progress.

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