Strength Training for Dummies: Easiest Ways for Getting Strong Ever

Strength Training for Dummies: Easiest Ways for Getting Strong Ever

Guys who are going to the gym four or times per week are going there for a few reasons: either to lose weight, to get a lot stronger, or to look at hot women at the gym. Sometimes, all three of these apply.

But if you’re hitting the gym and not seeing the results you were hoping for, you’re never going to get stronger, and you’ll continue being the little wimp that gets pushed around because he can’t defend himself.

So if you’re looking to get stronger and being a big tough guy like you’ve always dreamed of, here are the easiest ways for getting stronger: the guide to getting strong for dummies:

#1 – Lose the Machines, Pip Squeak

Those lame machines that all the girls use aren’t going to get you anywhere, man. You need to be hitting the free weights almost exclusively. Sure, you may need one or two machines to hit muscles that you wouldn’t be able to hit otherwise, but for the most part, you should be using only free weights.

The reason for this is that you need to use so many pairs of muscles to lift a free weight compared to just using a machine that is in a set movement. This extra muscle use allows you to tear through your muscles even harder, allowing you to get stronger even faster.

With free weights, you have a much higher chance of seeing solid progress every week. With machines, you’re more likely to plateau and not go anywhere.

#2 РStart Jacking Up the Creatine Usage 

Creatine allows you to lift more and shred those muscles eve harder. Because of the increased water retention in your muscles, you’re able to lift up to 30% more than without creatine.

A lot of body builders use creatine to see higher lifts, and they get it in with supplements. You can use supplements if you want, but you could try just eating more steak. Steak is naturally high in creatine!

#3 – Get Your Testosterone Levels Up

In order to see bigger and better strength gains, you need to up your testosterone levels significantly. This can’t be done naturally, unfortunately. You’ll need a good supplement to get you there.

Fortunately, I know an awesome supplement that will boost your testosterone, boost your muscular blood-flow, and increase your production of male hormones.

All of this equals stronger muscular responses, allowing you to see better gains over time.

This product is called Formula 41 Extreme. It’s labeled as a sexual enhancer, and it will do just that. But because of its test boosting power, it makes for an awesome muscle builder.