Shake Up Your Sex Life

by Joseph Printer
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Shake Up Your Sex Life 1

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a sexual rut. Going through the same old routine, night after night. You have your favorite positions on rotation and what seemed new and exciting in the first few weeks of dating, now seems a little bland. How do you remedy this? You need to “shake it up”. Here are some easy ways to bring a little novelty into the bedroom.

1.  Leave her hanging

This is super simple, but incredibly effective. Undress your girl and get her completely naked. Start sucking her breasts and tease her pussy a little bit. Tell her “Don’t move from this spot, I’ll be right back”. Leave the room for about ten minutes. Making her wait like this will get her wet with anticipation. If she’s into being tied up, that’s even better. Tie her wrists together so she can’t even check her phone. She’ll have no choice but to wait.

2.  No underwear

Try leaving the underwear at home for a night. It’s especially hot if she’s wearing a skirt or dress. Just knowing that she’s naked under there is enough to make you hard right in the middle of dinner. Don’t be afraid to massage her vulva a bit at different times during the night. You can even get frisky in the cab. She will be raring to go by the time you get home.

3.  Location, location, location

Why not have sex in the kitchen? Or in the shower? Or on the coffee table? Changing the location can make everything seem new again. You will be forced into new positions as well like sitting and standing since you no longer have a perfectly flat surface like the bed. Make it your goal to have sex in every room in the house. Kind of like a sick, twisted game of Clue.

4.  Naked time

Spend a morning in the nude. This might be a bit challenging if she’s shy about her body, but with your encouragement she will eventually get over her self consciousness. Have breakfast together and watch how her breasts jiggle as she cuts into her pancakes. When she’s brushing her teeth, come up behind her and start fucking her over the sink. Part of the thrill is that sex can happen at anytime and since you are both naked, you’re ready to go.

5.  Dirty Talk

Some people feel weird about dirty talk. It’s usually the cheesiness of it all that makes it seem awkward. The key is to keep it simple. A really good way to get her talking in bed is asking questions like: “Can I touch your breasts?” and get her to respond. She might say “yes” or she might say no, which is even better. Build on the dialogue and keep asking questions. Some other examples could be “Are you gonna get wet for me?” or “That feels good, doesn’t it?”. This is a great way to get her more confident with dirty talk.

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