Female Fantasies that you need to be aware of

by Joseph Printer
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Get inside of your woman’s kinky side with this list

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you’re in complete control of your partner’s sexual desires? Getting to know a woman’s deepest most guarded desires and using it to fulfill your own desires is probably right at the top of every man’s sexual fantasy, and today, you’re getting a sneak peek into what goes on in a woman’s sexual fantasy.

Unlike men, a woman’s libido is a complex balance of chemical reactions in the brain, combined with emotional and social factors like guilt and beliefs. For us men, it’s quite simple – we see, we hear, we touch, and we get an erection. That’s why figuring out a woman’s most intimate fantasies is extremely challenging, and that’s why we have prepared this list. Here are 5 female fantasies that you need to be aware of:


Men are expected to be dominant in bed, but how about handing her the reins for once? It doesn’t mean that it you’re turning her into a pro dominatrix, but you should really be ready, because her true sexual desires will be revealed once you give her the controls. It’s not all about whips and blindfolds when it comes to domination, it’s all about being all-in to her desires. Drop a hint about domination and see how she’ll respond. Watch her transform – you have been warned.

Role play

This may be a dead-giveaway, but some long-term couples fail to realize the effect of role play in a relationship. Since women are more in-tune with their emotions when it comes to sex, roleplaying affects them more than it does us. Roleplaying takes the boredom out of sex, and it gives you new personas to play with.

Sex in public

There’s a reason why even grown adults have sex in public places, like the restroom, the movie theater, or the parking lot; it’s because women secretly fantasize about having sex in public. With the thrill of getting caught, and the excitement of sex wrapped up in one erotic moment, it’s no wonder that many women are more than willing to get it on in public places.

Rough sex fantasy

Most women have pent-up sexual frustrations, and having a forced sex fantasy allows a woman to have the wild, dirty sex she desperately craves without living with the guilt that follows. Skip foreplay and just go down to business. She may protest a bit as a part of the fantasy, but that’s just a part of the play. Be careful, though. You’ll have to discuss the boundaries of rough sex before you start it with her.

Men with big dicks

Women won’t admit it always, but big penises would always fuel their fantasies. Men with big penises are rare, and that’s why their imaginations run wild. Most women haven’t been with a guy with a big penis, and they are always thirsty to try.

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