All You Need To Know About TenGenix – Tengenix Review

Is it really the best male enhancement pill around? Get to know the lowdown on the TenGenix ingredients and effectiveness in our TenGenix review


At Men’s Life Advice, we pride ourselves in being experts in all things about men. Whether it’s about dating, sex, or health, our experts can help you out. As such, when we uncover an emerging buzz about anything related to men, we pounce on it and check it for ourselves. Lately, a new male enhancement pill has taken the market by storm – TenGenix, and we knew that we had to see if it’s genuine or not.

TenGenix BottleTracking down the pill isn’t really all that difficult. We placed an order, and it was promptly delivered to us in a discreet box, without any indication that it was anything remotely related to penis enlargement. While this was a nice start with the pill, we were a bit shocked to learn that TenGenix was actually giving away free samples to select individuals a few weeks before we ordered it. According to our sources, TenGenix picked several individuals – some in the review aggregate business, and some average joes who would be the typical customer for the pill. It would’ve been awesome to save a few bucks on purchase, but TenGenix is relatively cheap, so we’ll give them that.

We used TenGenix as instructed – two pills a day on an empty stomach, preferably before you take your breakfast. We took TenGenix every day, and recorded our progress as we go. The following review details our experience with TenGenix, and we’ll help answer your questions such as “does TenGenix work?” and “is TenGenix safe?” to help you determine if you should purchase TenGenix or not.

The TenGenix Benefits

You can’t really rate a product if you don’t know what it is supposed to do, and with TenGenix – that’s a lot. TEN benefits to be exact. The typical male enhancement pill only broadcasts a maximum of 3 major benefits to keep expectations low, but with 10 benefits, it may be a stretch.

TenGenix has three major benefits – SIZE, STAMINA, and SEXUAL DESIRE. These three benefits are the most common targets of male enhancement supplements, and even these three are quite difficult to achieve in just a single formula. Aside from these major benefits, TenGenix also gives the user invaluable sexual health benefits such as improved hardness, full orgasm control, improved sexual satisfaction, and increased release of pheromones. Based on our experience with male enhancement supplements, we have never seen a product that took such careful attention to the sexual health needs of men. If you’d ask me, these are exactly what men really need aside from the three major benefits that it has, and if TenGenix could pull it off in this pill – it would be a monster hit.

Take pheromones for example. Supplement manufacturers do not really give a hoot about pheromones since nobody really knows what they are. In a nutshell, pheromones are natural chemical signals released by our body which makes us chemically-attractive to the opposite sex. It’s like a matchmaking chemical that we unknowingly produce and make airborne. By improving your pheromones, physical and sexual attraction would soon follow. It’s important for a man’s sexual health, but since no one really cares about it – nobody bothers to focus on it as a benefit– until TenGenix.

TenGenix ingredients

Benefits are all promises until the pill can really deliver. The TenGenix ingredients should help us understand what to really expect from the pill.It does appear that there is no core ingredient in TenGenix, but rather, a group of really solid ingredients that works together as one to make awesome things to happen. Here are the ingredients of TenGenix:


We all know L-Arginine to be a bodybuilding ingredient. It increases vascularity, which then improves pump, strength, endurance, and recovery. What it does in the formula is very much the same. A concentrated form of L-Arginine increases the Nitric oxide levels in the body, which dilates blood vessels and allows more blood to flow to the penile chambers. Over time, the increased volume of blood triggers an expansion of the penile chambers (corpora cavernosa), which leads to an increase in erection size.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs around, and it performs a crtical role in the formula of TenGenix. For one,it is a pde-5 5 Oral Sex Tips for Men inhibitor, which basically means that it does the same amazing things as Viagra and Cialis. It also improves libido, which adds pressure and more blood to flow to the penis, which triggers an expansion of the penile chambers. When used in concjunction with L-Arginine, Tongkatali has what it takes to increase penis size.


Tribulusterrestris is another bodybuilding supplement that we usually see in testosterone boosters. TribulusTerrestris fulfils the same role in TenGenix. It increases testosterone to increase libido and improve the release of pheromones.

Maca Root

Maca root is a pivotal TenGenix ingredient. It’s probably what sets it apart from other male enhancement pills. Maca root acts as a hormone-balancing ingredient that inhibits certain neurotransmitters to let the user gain full control over how much and how frequent they want to experience an orgasm during sex.


Muirapuama is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement ingredient that kicks into action in just minutes after taking the first dose. This lays the groundwork for all the other ingredients in the formula to be absorbed and reach peak effectiveness.

Tengenix Results

Length and girth of the penis increases in size – up to an extra 5 inches!
Incredibly enhanced libido
Much greater semen volume
Outstanding energy levels

We haven’t had a lot of male enhancement pills to test, but we have certainly experienced the best and the worst that the industry has to offer. We have even tried some popular pills, which turned out to be complete duds when we got to check them out. When we tried out TenGenix ,we already knew from the first dose that the money we spent on TenGenix was money well-spent.

After the first dose, I immediately felt that something changed – it was content, horny, and happy for some reason. My mood changed
from aggressive to light, and it felt like I was ready to have sex. It was a feeling like no other.

I used TenGenix for a couple more days, and I can clearly feel that it is slowly changing something in me – like I’m always done with foreplay kind-of ready. I never really measure myself down there, so I can’t really objectively say that I noticed an increase in size. I can see that it was longer and thicker, but I don’t know how much since I don’t really have a baseline.  However, I can say that my erections felt more intense, full, and tight. Sex was a lot more pleasurable – like you feel every inch of yourself when you do it.

The best thing is, I was kind of getting on a streak with the ladies. I don’t know if it’s the confidence that the pill gives me, or it is the pheromones that’s just kicking in, but I can say that there’s a change in there somewhere – and all I really did was take TenGenix daily.

Is TenGenix a scam?

We get asked this a lot when reviewing a product, and this time, we’ll just say for the record that there’s nothing in TenGenix that suggests that it is a scam. We ordered our first bottle more than a month ago, and we did not see any suspicious charges on our credit card bill. Plus, we tried to call their customer care number to see if it’s legit – and we were surprised to learn that not only was their number legit, their customer care reps are top-notch. When we called, they thought that we were returning the product as a part of their money-back guarantee – we explained that we called just to check if it’s legit. Even though they thought we were cancelling our transaction, they were still very accommodating and very professional.

We had our run-ins with scams, and we knew from the get-go that TenGenix is not a scam. Scams are ridiculously overpriced, with no evidence whatsoever that their product works. Plus, TenGenix doesn’t fit the bill – what kind of scam scheme would give out free samples before their product goes live?


For what it’s worth, TenGenix really set the bar high for male enhancement pills. It’s probably the first pill that I will buy for the second time around, and this time, I’ll make sure that I get a wholesale deal on the pill. I didn’t set my expectations high, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did all it said it would. There aren’t many pills to trust in this crazy market, and we are relieved to find out that there are still people who would make products worthy of our trust. If you do not want to get disappointed, TenGenix is the right pill for you.

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TenGenix Review 99 out of 100 RATING