The Asian Secret to Penis Enlargement 

The Asian Secret to Penis Enlargement

Asians show how to get a bigger penis

Asians aren’t known for having a big penis. In fact, it’s widely-accepted that Asians have the smallest penises in the world. Not only that, statistics and surveys show that Asians have an average penis size of 4.3 inches – about an inch smaller than the average penis size of American men. You might wonder, what could we learn from Asians for penis enlargement if they have the smallest penises?

The answer, in fact, is based on the need itself. Asians need penis enlargement more than any race, and we could very much benefit from the ones who have actually recorded a significant increase in their penis size. Asians are known to be very secretive and conservative. Most Asians are reserved when it comes to discussions about sexual enhancement, since sexual enhancement is still considered to be taboo in most Asian countries. We did a little bit more digging to pry and figure out how some Asians were able to increase their penis size.


Asians have one of the most prolific traditional medicine systems known to man. Even today, traditional Chinese medicine is still widely accepted in many countries. Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of all-natural ingredients that can greatly enhance libido. However, it wasn’t until the adaptation of traditional Chinese medicine to modern nutrition that the true potential of male enhancement was realized.

Evidence of Asian penis enlargement success

The Asian pornography market is the undeniable proof that Asian male porn actors use male enhancement supplements to improve their size, libido, and lasting power in bed. Even though most of these porn clips are censored due to Japanese regulations, you can discern from the videos that the penis size of Japanese porn actors are larger than those of the average 4.3-inch Asian penis.

Some might say, having a big penis is one of the requirements to star in a porn flick, so it’s understandable that you see bigger penises in porn. However, there are reports that these Japanese porn actors work 5-7 times as much as porn actors in western countries. This is due to the shortage of Japanese men who are qualified to star in a porn flick.

In addition, a Japanese porn actor once divulged in an interview that they take supplements to keep up with the demands of their job. These porn actors are literally paid per performance, and they need help from supplements to perform well, or they would not be paid. The actor did not specify which male enhancement product he took, but we are convinced that they are taking Formula 41 Extreme and/or Libido Booster Extreme.

The Asian secret – finally

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