Herbal Mood Elevators 


The National Alliance on Mental Health (1) states that one in every five American adults experiences some form of mental illness. Nearly 7% of American adults live with a major depressive disorder. You most likely know at least one person who lives with depression.

Chemical Catastrophe

The pharmaceutical industry has flooded the market with anti-depressants in response to this. While some people have success with these medications, many more do not. All of these drugs have side effects from minor to completely disturbing.

Common Casualty

Depression itself can cause, as well as be a result of, sexual dysfunction. In addition to this many guys experience sexual issues (2) while taking prescription anti-depressants. Studies have demonstrated this to be a regular complication of these medication. It seems like a lose-lose situation.

Herbal Hope

To avoid limping the blues, consider turning to nature for answers. It is important to ensure that there is no serious underlying condition causing the depression or impotence. Once the doc looks you over, there are numerous herbs which are effective as mood elevators.

Super St. John’s Wort


St. John’s Wort (3) is recognized as an effective treatment for those suffering from mild to moderate depression. There is a bit of a dispute about whether it is as effectual for the long term as it is for the short term.

One-Two Punch

A combination of St. John’s Wort and Valerian root extract (4) has been shown to be helpful in treating depression, especially in those simultaneously suffering from an anxiety disorder. Valerian is also often used to improve sleep and reduce insomnia.

Superior Saffron


Many people dealing with depressive disorders have found relief with Saffron (5). Scientific research has revealed that this particular herb is effective even for those diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.

Super Skullcap

American Skullcap (6) is another herb often used to treat both mental disorders and elevate mood. Researchers found it enhances mood, but does not impair cognition or reduce energy levels. This particular study was of subject who suffered from anxiety and depression.

Supplement Support

You could also speak with your doctor about taking a male enhancement supplement (1a) with your deflating anti-depressant, if none of the herbal alternatives have worked to boost your mood. This may also be an option, if Mr. Floppy is a result of you being down in the dumps. Natural libido boosters (2a) and/or testosterone enhancers (3a) could transform Mr. Floppy to Mr. Happy.

In many cases, mental disorders are caused by a chemical imbalance. The only resolution may be balancing that specific chemical with a prescription medication. Be sure that have ruled this possibility out.

You should also be careful where you decide to buy your herbal supplements. Choose a reputable company who uses only ethical business practices, employs high quality sourcing, and offers a guarantee. You could be a happy camper with a rock solid tent pole naturally.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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