Fun Facts about Foreplay


The first two fun facts deal with a couple of misconceptions that have spread like a pandemic.  Women, apparently, do not want foreplay every time they have sex. While most ladies do enjoy foreplay and there are a few that truly need that extra stimulation, this fact remains firmly in place. It has been told through the grapevine that these little minxes thoroughly love being pushed up against a wall and taken on the spot from time to time.

The second misconception, is that foreplay must involve nakedness. Sometimes what turns her on may not even seem related. Try bringing her, no not flowers, but fresh chocolate covered strawberries when she wakes in the morning. You may find that your sweet darling drags you back in bed to thank you in her own oh so special way.


On third base we have women who enjoy foreplay more than sex. Many gals become so hot during prolonged foreplay that they orgasm like Old Faithful. This not only relaxes her, it makes her wet and primed for your love.



Another interesting fact is that many women remain hot and loving longer than most of you guys after she gets off. That thing about being able to achieve multiple orgasms is usually 100% true. If you make her hit her peak twice in one shot, you may be hitting home runs for the rest of the week.

Kink Clue

When a woman becomes aroused and before actual sex, her pelvic muscles lift her uterus upward. This positions it just right for easier access and is known as vagina tenting. This is not a rumor, but a biological fact (1).

Toy Chest Fun

Sliding in at number four are bedroom toys and kinky good fun. Many ladies fancy vibrators; dildos; clitoral stimulators; anal beads; and all kinds of other good fun. Toys do not have to only be during the actual sex. You can use any number of combination of cool bedroom paraphernalia to get her juices flowing and even get her rocks off. This extends the entire session for her and you will still be fresh and ready for action.

Foreplay Foods

Foods are on at five and, possibly six, they pack powerful playtime potential. Food can act as stimulants in two different ways. There are many items which are said to increase certain chemicals in your body and therefor your state of arousal. This could simply be the power of suggestion.

Sex on the Half-Shell

If your mind is more on the analytical side, oysters, as an example, provide amino acids. Scientists isolated D-aspartic acid (2) in oysters and investigated its effects. It incited testosterone synthesis and increased progesterone in study subjects.

Chocolate Kink

Many experts say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. The actions of chocolate incite actions within the pleasure center (3) of her, and your, brain. Scientists equate this pleasure with that of sexual orgasm, music, and chemicals or drugs.

Nutritional Nudge

A number of herbs are well known for and have been scientifically proven to stimulate the libido. While some are categorized as for men or women, there is a third group which enhances the libido (1a) regardless of gender. These components are often found in natural libido boosting supplements (2a).

Herbal Help

Both genders are not affected by all of the same herbs; however, a large majority of male enhancement pills (3a) contain ingredients found in varieties for her as well. Check a few of the sexually stimulating ingredients which are mutual.

  • Maca Root
  • Muira Puama
  • Catuaba/Yohimbine
  • Tongkat Ali

Sticky Sweet

Food can also stand in for the sixth fun fact about foreplay. You can spend an entire night teasing with your foxy lady using just a few items. The properties of these foods do not necessarily get her hot and wet. It is your technique and maybe a blindfold that comes into play here. Honey is sweet as well as sticky and a few seconds in the microwave can warm it. Follow this with a bit of whipped cream or ice cream. Chocolate and caramel syrup can also be warmed easily. For the love of Pete, make sure that it is only warm, never hot.

Muscle Manipulation


Massages, both giving and receiving, can be a form of very effective foreplay. Giving your lady a massage makes it twice as likely that she will give you one in return. This can demonstrate your appreciation for her as well as, hopefully, turn her to jelly. In the meantime, you get to touch any and all of her delicate parts over and over again.

Using a massage oil results in a much deeper massage because it allows you to manipulate her muscles without pulling or pinching. Certain types of oil can produce specific results. For example, adding mint to your massage oil provides both a cooling and warming sensation simultaneously. Different essential oil scents are thought to evoke various emotions. It will also make her slick and when the right time presents itself, you can slip right into your own deep muscle massage.


Playing a game can be one of the best forms of foreplay and it can lead to all sorts of gooey goodness. Some games are probably more effective than others. After all, strip poker is much more exciting than plain old five card draw.

The food idea could be used as a game. Ask your gal to guess what the food is by the smell and sensation on her skin while she is blindfolded. Many couples enjoy roll playing games as well as those involving bondage.

It is a good idea to make sure the lady is down for this type of play, before plowing through. You never know, your lady just might be a tramp. The most important concept within this text is, if you do not know what your partner likes, ask her, point blank. It makes things much simpler. She may tell you exactly what she wants, if you are lucky.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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