Cum Control


On the list of sexual dysfunctions is premature ejaculation. These guys can get it up, but they are bit trigger happy. This is not unnatural and most men experience it at least once. Sometimes it is an on-going issue which is when it becomes frustrating. There is a wide variety of suggestions from many sources.

PE Causes

Premature ejaculation, or PE, is an extremely common complaint. It is estimated that up to a third of the adult population have experienced it. One reason is thought to be sexual anxiety (1) which can have many negative impacts on sexual function. Much of the time it is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause.

Developing Discipline

Many men learn cum control as they grow older. The saying that experience is one of the best teachers is very true. Depression, guilt, and a combination of the two can be the root problem. Certain medications produce this as a side effect. PE can be induced by an injury or a number of hormonal disorders and imbalances.

Chemical Culprit

The largest majority of the time this is a temporary condition and your body corrects itself in time. Remember that substances often cause both PE and erectile dysfunction. Many medications and/or or drugs culprits as can tobacco and alcohol use. If you suspect one of these is the direct cause, try laying off for a while to see whether your control improves or not. If it does, your best bet, of course, is to quit doing whatever that is.

Therapy & Treatments


Specific types of psychological and sex therapies have been found to be successful. Medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (2) are available to correct PE. Medication is often used in conjunction with appropriate therapies. Desensitizing creams can be helpful and function, like you would expect, by decreasing the intensity of various stimulations.

Natural Considerations

Many natural male enhancement supplements can help you gain some cum control. Certain muscle enhancing supplements (1a) contain nitric oxide (3a) which has been shown to help PE suffers to gain control (3). Eurycoma longifolia (4), or Tongkat ali, which is a key ingredient in effective libido boosters (2a), has demonstrated great potential in research studies.

Deep Breathing Discipline

You should consider trying some of the therapy techniques at home to see whether they help you or not. Many men have had great success. Of course none of this happens overnight.

PE suffers are often taught deep breathing exercises to use while they are getting it on. All you have to do is practice breathing in deeply and holding it for around three seconds. Spend about five minutes each day practicing and when the time comes call upon this technique for cum control.

Tantric Techniques


A parting consideration is to investigate tantric sex techniques. These can not only increase your control, it can enhance your entire sex life and satisfaction as well as your lady’s. They are not difficult, but do require practice so do not give up after just a day or two. Practice makes perfect.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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