Depression and Dysfunction

Depression and Dysfunction

Depression is a natural emotion and being depressed from time to time is not anything to truly worry about; however, if it is continuous, there may be an underlying issue. One of the side effects of depression (1a), as well as its treatment medications, is sexual dysfunction. This can be a vicious cycle because one of the side effects of sexual dysfunction is depression.

Cause & Effect

The first step is to get your ass to a doctor, if you so much as suspect there may be more going on than meets the eye. The next step is to educate yourself a bit and do some self-analysis. While it is not always the case, many times you know which came first. Try to determine which came first your depression or did it come about because your dong deflated.

 Skip Side Effects

In either case, while it is important to consult a medical professional, the answer is not necessarily prescription drugs and harsh side effects. There are many websites which offer natural supplements to kick your libido in (1a) the ass and herbal combinations to elevate you out of the dumps.

Depressive Weight5-a

Weight gain can bring you down as well as cause limp dick syndrome and this too is one of those cycles. People are hard on themselves when they put on a bit of weight and this can depress all of your systems. There is no reason for Mr. Happy to stand proud, if you are constantly berating yourself.

Cycle Up

There are numerous ways to lift yourself out of this cycle. Exercise, proper nutrition, and psychological care are the tentative steps in this journey. Physical activity is essential, but it does not have to be extremely difficult. Just get your ass moving and the rest will follow.

All Systems Go

Keep in mind that more activity will increase your energy levels which will inspire you to move more. Tai Chi is excellent to get you moving and it offers powerful medicine for your psyche.  Nutrition is pretty simple. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meat and fish to your menu. Try to eliminate some of the junk.

Continuous Care Cycle

Consider using a weight loss supplement (2a) in the beginning. It will give you a head start and it is only a temporary aid. Once you get past the first phase think about hitting the gym and building some muscle mass (3a) to boost your moral.

Honey Help


You could employ the help of your significant other. Maybe she can come up with a few ideas to cheer you up and boost your boner. This will let her know that something is wrong in case you are acting strangely. You might be surprised at just how helpful your little vixen is.

Reverse Direction

Neither depression nor dysfunction is the end of the world. It does not indicate a permanent situation. The cycle mentioned above actually moves in both directions. It can just as easily spiral upward once you get the ball rolling. Remember, the first step is to rule out any underlying cause.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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