Formula 41 Extreme

Formula 41 Extreme

Formula 41 Extreme is a supplement that has been causing quite a large stir lately. With the entire industry of male enhancement supplements ramping up, many different supplements have been trying to take the place of Viagra by offering similar effects without the devastating side effects faced when taking the drug regularly. Enter Formula 41 Extreme. While some supplements offer an increased libido and others offer penis enlargement, Formula 41 Extreme offers the best of both worlds. The blend of ingredients that this supplement offers goes above and beyond and gives you the results you would expect from a revolutionary male enhancement product.

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Formula 41 Extreme’s Effects

You’re probably reading this article to answer one question: “does Formula 41 Extreme work?” In short and with the utmost confidence the writers of Men’s Life Advice say: YES. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to review hundreds of different male enhancement products, but none as effective as the supplement of Formula 41 Extreme. We’re here to give you a full list of the effects our review team experienced while taking Formula 41 Extreme.

Penis Enlargement

You’ve almost assuredly heard this claim said of dozens of products out there, and we’ve heard probably triple that amount. What makes Formula 41 Extreme different is its “instant expansion technology”. We’ll be honest and say that to see results took a little bit of dedication to the product. But once the regiment was set, our staff saw growth of 1.5”-3” after 6 weeks of using Formula 41 Extreme. We especially saw that the amount of growth each person experienced was based off of their physiology as well as how consistently they took Formula 41 Extreme. Those who took it more regularly were most often on the larger end of the scale by the end of our trial.

Increased Libido

A lowered libido is a strain that many men experience as they get older but can also result from other factors such as stress and diet. We saw that Formula 41 Extreme helps with all of these cases by kicking your libido into overdrive. When our review staff tested the supplement each member reported an increased sex drive as early as their first week on the regiment. This drive increased as the staff continued taking Formula 41 Extreme and a few of the staff said it was the best and most confident they’ve felt in years. It’s true that aging and stress are unfortunate inevitabilities of life but with Formula 41 Extreme losing your desire to rock the sheets doesn’t have to be.

Harder, More Frequent Erections

If you’ve experienced a time where you weren’t able to get it up, you’ll know the embarrassment of not being able to perform when the time is right. A number of our staff members had reported this very problem as a recurring one before taking Formula 41 Extreme. Note that we said ‘before.’ After starting a consistent dosage schedule of Formula 41 Extreme these same people said that they could easily achieve erections with no issues. In fact, many reported that they noticed their erections were noticeably harder and that they lasted longer than they ever had before. Most of the staff members continue to take Formula 41 Extreme even after our trial run with the product, stating “I’ve become a believer.”

Formula 41 Extreme’s Ingredients

With Formula 41 Extreme, as with all male enhancement supplements, it’s what’s inside that really counts. Products can make all the claims they want but without a truly developed and tested ingredient list even the strongest brands crumble in light of ineffective blends. Formula 41 Extreme has an extensive list of ingredients that all cooperate with one another in your body to provide you with the promised results. Here are some of the ingredients and their purposes:

Tongkat Ali (400 mg):

We were actually pretty shocked to read the inclusion of this ingredient. We had only heard of this plant because it is grown primarily in Asia rather than here in the States. To fully experience the ingredient was another thing entirely. Formula 41 Extreme uses 400 mg of Tongkat Ali to expand penile tissue after regular consumption. It also has the added bonus of revving up your sex drive and providing you with increased sexual stamina.

L –Arginine (250 mg):

This ingredient is an amino acid, which means it is a chemical building block in your body. Formula 41 Extreme includes 250 mg of L-Arginine for a number of different reasons. The first is that this amino acid is used to build proteins. In order to expand existing penile tissue new proteins must be introduced to help the enlargement process, and thus L-Arginine helps in this manner. Secondly, L-Arginine also encourages better blood flow by opening blood vessels wider. If you’re familiar with the male anatomy blood flow is the main component in achieving and maintaining an erection and thus the highly concentrated form of L-Arginine in Formula 41 Extreme definitely helps with performance in this category.

Maca Extract (250 mg):

We did some research into exactly what Maca was and found to our surprise that this ingredient has been used in Central Peru for various remedies for literally thousands of years! Formula 41 Extreme uses 250 mg of an extracted and concentrated form to complement the other penis enlarging ingredients in the supplement. Also, it has been used to increase sexual desire since ancient times. By concentrating it in Formula 41 Extreme’s blend it serves as an aphrodisiac and helps in cases of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Ginseng Blend (125 mg):

We looked into the type of Ginseng exactly used in Formula 41 Extreme and it’s mainly Wild American Ginseng. Lately there’s been a rush for this particular root to the point that the plant species has become listed as an endangered species of plant in some US States. The fact that Formula 41 Extreme uses this is a testament to the quality of the product they produce. It is evident they do not cut any corners to try to lower production cost to produce a subprime supplement. The reason this ingredient is included at 125 mg per supplement is that the root encourages better blood flow that works with the Instant-Expansion technology in Formula 41 Extreme. The result is that it helps your penis grow quickly while taking the supplement and gives the added benefit of providing you with extra energy due to ginseng’s stimulating properties.

Formula 41 Extreme also uses a blend of various other ingredients that help augment its penis growing and libido increasing effects including: tribulus terrestris (increases blood flow to penis), oyster extract (increases sex drive and provides extra zinc) and  licorice (releases free testosterone). The way these ingredients work together is truly what makes Formula 41 Extreme the revolutionary product it is and gave us all the results it promised.

Conclusion of Formula 41 Extreme’s Review

Whether by studying the exact ingredients included in Formula 41 Extreme or by taking it ourselves the result is the same: Formula 41 Extreme is a wildly effective male enhancement supplement. The makers did not take any shortcuts when creating and producing their blend and it makes sense as to why there has been so much talk about this product lately.

We suggest taking Formula 41 Extreme if you are trying to increase your libido, increase your penis size or both. Usually we are skeptical about products that make such promises, but when we saw the results ourselves there’s no doubt that Formula 41 Extreme will be a serious contender in the male enhancement industry for decades to come.