Organic vs GE Foods


You are probably bombarded by push notifications, emails, and adverts containing info on genetically engineered foods every time you get on the internet. There are many credible websites to learn about food options; however, the search can quickly become overwhelming. Many people get confused and give up.

Modified Grammar & Facts

GE and GMO stand for genetically engineered and genetically modified organism, respectively. These words, along with many others, are tossed around and used interchangeably. For example, those behind these food concepts would have you believe that this is no different than cross breeding, cross pollination, and/or seed saving. These are not the same concepts.

Inequality among Terms


The latter three references are when agricultural scientists either create hybrids plants or save only the best of the best seeds. Food which is genetically engineered or modified have had a foreign element insert into its DNA. Of course there are those opposed to this and those who support it.

Devil in Details

The commonality among supporters and protestors is that they generally agree that this in and of itself may not actually be inherently bad. It largely depends upon what the foreign element is. The reason that there are many Monsanto haters is because they insert glyphosate (1) into plant DNA.

Glyphosate is a key component of many herbicides and pesticides. It is also linked to a number of negative health consequences. One of the main and most disturbing impacts is upon the endocrine system (2) which affects your entire body. It is specifically linked to reproductive issues and decreased serum testosterone.

Prohibited Crap

Organic food is that which is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals as fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. This method prohibits the use of ionizing radiation, GMOs, and sewer sludge. Organically raised animals are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Strange Laws

Strangely enough, those who use organic methods to produce food must obtain certification from the U.S. Government to label their products as organic. Those who use the chemicals mentioned above do not have to obtain any sort of label. Even if they use genetic modification or GE ingredients. It is also important to understand that products that do not contain GMOs are not necessarily organic. They must first meet all of the chemical-free criteria (3) listed above.

Organically Trending

organicvsgefoods-organicallytrendingToday larger numbers of consumers are becoming aware of organic practices and opting for organic foods. Not all of the take this into consideration when purchasing other types of products. All types of products can be found containing high quality, organically cultivated ingredients.

Some examples of this include male enhancement supplements such as testosterone boosters (1a), libido enhancers, and muscle building support (2a). There is a wide variety of herbal support like herbal medicinal teas; weight loss aids; and fat burning supplements (3a). Cultivation methods have a major and direct impact on their effectiveness.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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