Pros and Cons of Being Friends with your Ex 

Pros and Cons of Being Friends with your Ex

Are you still friends with your ex?

Being friends with your ex can land you in very complex, sticky situations. Your friends and family can all give you the familiar advice of staying away from your ex, and at times, that might be the right call. Being friends with your ex isn’t all that bad, and we’ll say it as it is: it’s not at all that complicated for men.

To stay in touch or completely ignore each other’s existence: that is the question.

Whether or not you choose to remain as friends, it won’t change the fact that you had spent a significant portion of your life with your ex, and that’s not something you can say for every other girl. With the possibilities of getting back together at an absolute zero, here are some pros and cons of being friends with your ex:

PRO: Being friends with her doesn’t make her an emotional baggage. 

Being friends your ex doesn’t erase the fact that you two were together, but at least you can make your friendship overshadow your past, as long as you can move past your emotional ties with your ex and same with hers to you.

CON: You’ll get the guilt trip when dating anyone

While you are no longer with your ex, keeping her as a friend may make you feel a little guilty when dating someone else. It’s an absolute irrational guilt and your ex may even be completely okay with it, but you can end up overthinking too much.

PRO: Your ex is the perfect wingman

If you’ve completely rebuilt your relationship as friends, then you can even reach a point when you two are comfortable enough to be each other’s wingmen. Think about it – going to a bar together and your ex helps you pick up a girl – how could that not work?

CON:  Old habits die hard

Even when you’re just friends with your ex, it’s hard to let go of old habits, which is quite troublesome since it can be viewed either way by your friends and family, and it’s even harder to explain that you two are just friends.

PRO: You always have a plus one

You no longer have to go to a wedding or a corporate event alone if you’re still friends with your ex. Yes, you might catch some sneers and gazers but in the end of the day, that’s still a lot better than coming alone – unless you really prefer to go alone to explore your chances.

PRO: You can get honest critique about sex

If you’ve ever wondered how good or how bad you do in bed, you can always count on your ex to tell you how it is. Since there’s no longer a risk for hurting your feelings and all, talks about sex can serve as an eye opener to you and you can use that to improve your game.

See, it’s not all bad being friends with your ex. Now, all you need is an ex that’s mature enough to think that staying friends is possible without the sex.

Oh, if ever she says that you were bad in bed, take a pill of Formula 41 Extreme and make her change her mind. If you know what I mean.