Avoid these Foods and Low T


Most all men will experience their soldier bailing on them at least once in their lifetime. It is natural for this to happen on rare occasions. It can be brought on by many things and is not a sign of a sexual disorder or low testosterone. It is not a testament to your manliness either, regardless of how much it might feel that way at the moment. Now, if your soldier is missing in action more often than not, you should take a good look at the situation.

Ticking Bomb

There are many things which cause impotence and at the top of the list, of course, is that your testosterone may be bombing out on you. It could also be a sign of a more serious, underlying problem. Yes, by the way, there are more serious issues possible than not getting laid this weekend. One of the most common underlying concerns are cardiovascular complications. This is why it is essential to visit a doctor so he can let you know how the old ticker is doing.

With the poking and prodding visit complete and you are pretty sure that your heart is not responsible for your flaccidness, you can begin looking at other causes. Low testosterone seems to be like a hard hitting epidemic today. It is not just older men who are having trouble getting it up.

Men from 19 to 90 are affected by erectile dysfunction as well as low T. Many medical professionals will tell you to learn to cope, if you are an older man. After all, it is a frustrating, but inescapable step in the aging process. Right? Hell no. It simply does not have to be that way.

Crap Cuisine

One of the most prevalent reasons for low levels of testosterone is due to a crap cuisine diet. Older men are affected more often because they have been on the diet much longer. There are all sorts of foods that increase your levels of testosterone and those which cause it to plummet. Keep in mind that a food that is nutritious does not mean it is testosterone friendly. As far as junk, processed, and fast food they are detrimental, but only in excessive amounts.

Alcoholic Assassin


Alcohol can also lower your testosterone levels, but only in large amounts and for prolonged periods. There is nothing wrong with having a couple beers and a burger from time to time. You just need to get a balance of the good stuff and only indulge in the other stuff once in a while. A six pack and a value meal will not make you penis fall off. Making this your regular diet will not cause it to fall off either, but it just might make it forget how to stand at attention.

Beneficial Boosters

There are numerous male enhancement (1a) products available on the supplement market. A few of them even work pretty effectively. There are also some testosterone boosters (2a) which work quite well to. The thing is that none of these will help, if you keep dumping toxic waste in your temple.

Your hot little number will never call you Oh God, if you do not start cleansing your sanctuary and having a bit of respect for it. You may even consider smudging the place, but not by burning sage. You could drink some dandelion tea. It has been fund to naturally detox the human body, reduce cholesterol levels (1), and provide chemopreventive properties (2).

Flaccid Flax Seed


First n the avoidance list is Flax Seed which may seem absurd. There is a Flax Seed craze right now, everyone is promoting it, and it is a nutritious food. The catch is that it produces actions in your system similar to estrogen. Flax Seed contains a component known as lignans (3) which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce both free and total testosterone levels.

Spiteful Soy

The next healthy food to steer clear of is soy (4). It is very good for you under other circumstances and many people use it as a source of protein all over the world. If your testosterone levels are bombing, it is not good for you.  Soy contains properties called phytoestrogens (5) which have been proven to reduce serum testosterone levels.

Menacing Mint

Spearmint tea and other herbs were investigated in a research study at Kings College Hospital. It was found to decrease the levels of free testosterone (6); however, the total serum levels were unaffected.

Basic Maintenance

There are, as mentioned previously, some extremely effective libido and testosterone boosters (3a). As long as you purchase one which is cultivated and created properly with high quality ingredients, they can provide the kick in the ass that your libido may need. Be sure not to fall for scams offering inferior or junk ingredients.

Instead of junk and the heathy foods listed above, there are several foods which can boost both your free and total testosterone. They can also reverse the declination of your current levels. Try to incorporate as many options which are rich in an abundance of antioxidants.

Natural Boosters

Think locally grown, fresh, organic produce, but not always raw. Tomatoes offer a great deal of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. On the other hand, cooking tomatoes increases your body’s ability to access large amounts of lycopene which is another potent antioxidant. Antioxidants help boost testosterone and rid you of thieving toxins.

In the end, it comes down to one basic fact. You must take care of your body or it may turn n you when you need it the most. To be a God in your temple, you must never desecrate it. Experts may say something is good for you and science may back them to a degree. It is your sole responsibility to be an informed consumer and proactive in your own health care.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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