Hemp, Herb, & Hormones

Hemp, Herb, & Hormones

Marijuana legalization is a hot button today along with its various side effects, good or bad. It is difficult to ascertain credible data from either camp with one highlighting the pros and the other projecting the cons. Some of the biggest debates involve the effects of cannabis on hormone levels, libido, and athletic performance. Currently the DEA classify marijuana as a Schedule I (1) substance.

Schedule Simplified

A Schedule I substances are identified as those which have no medicinal value which is currently in acceptance. These are considered the worst of the worst and extremely dangerous. This translates to the perception that marijuana is essential as damaging as heroin.


On October 7 of 2003, the United States Federal Government obtained a patent. This is due to the wide range of medicinal values (2) of cannabis. The DEA is said to be deliberating about reclassifying marijuana as its current classification is obviously bullshit.

Professional Promotion

This is not simply the opinion of some random, crackpot, but is upheld by the J. Michael Bostwick of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Mayo Clinic (3). Dr. Bostwick concludes by calling out the Federal Government for using false information to impede desperately needed research to implement the cannabinoid treatment of a wide array of medical conditions.

Scientific Consideration


The medicinal value of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and various other cannabinoids is being intensely studied through scientific research. To date there are 86 different cannabinoids which are active properties and have been identified. It should also be established that smoking pot is detrimental to your health. One chief reason for this is inhaling any smoke is carcinogenic and does cause the development of cancer.

Believe it or not, cannabis smoke is not as carcinogenic (4) as tobacco smoke. Certain cannabinoids themselves are chemo-protective (5) and this reduces some of the cancer pathways. The fact remains, inhaling smoke of any kind is bad for your health.

Hormones on Chronic

One area of investigation is to see what role cannabinoids play in the reproductive system and, specifically, testosterone levels. Guys tell stories of hot little numbers smoking a joint and being horny as hell. Others say that it seems to reduce their own amount of ejaculation control. This part of the discussion should be left at different strokes for different folks.

On the other hand, there is proof that cannabis, smoked or otherwise, reduces testosterone levels (6). The same research states that chronic usage results are reversible through bouts of abstinence. Another study published on NCBI (7) says that no noteworthy hormone changes were found in women or men after chronic usage of marijuana. There is much research to be done.

Hormones on Hemp

Hemp is often confused with marijuana and has gone through roller coaster bouts of legalization and illegalization. The first aspect to remember is that Hemp and Cannabis are not the same plant. Hemp does not contain high levels of THC. In most cases this is less than .3%. This plant can serve many purposes including medicinally. It may be used by a variety of industries to manufacture a wide range of products.

Industrial Benefits of Hemp

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Personal Care
  • Detergent/Paint
  • Paper
  • Cloth
  • Plastic

Hempseed & Health


While the effects of cannabinoids on testosterone levels are widely available, there are nearly no studies published specifically about hemp and testosterone. Some of its health benefits, such as promoting heart health, point toward it also enhancing the libido and testosterone. It is generally thought to be the THC component in cannabis that produces adverse hormonal effects.

  • Hempseed contains Omega 3s which are powerful free radical scavengers and health beneficial to your cardiovascular system (8). One of the main causes of low testosterone is through damage from free radicals and oxidation.
  • It provides sterols which reduces your risk of coronary heart disease by lowing your cholesterol.
  • Hempseed is rich in vitamins A, C, and E as well as β-carotene. This entire group makes up an arsenal of antioxidants.
  • It offers a wealth of minerals including sulfur; phosphorus; calcium; magnesium; and calcium.
  • This controversial seed contains a plethora of amino acids which make up proteins. It is high in arginine and l-tyrosine; however, hempseed is light on leucine. Whey protein is rich in leucine and mixing it with hempseed (9) can create a protein power punch.

Weed Wisdom

This all boils down to a couple of basic truths. Cannabis has the potential to lower your manly hormones; however, if it did, you could reverse the effects in a very short period of time. The bigger issue would be that, unless you live in a state where it is either recreationally legal or approved for medicinal use, you may go to jail.

Most people, authorities included, believe that it is well on to its way to recreational legalization. A large majority of those who do not agree with this aspect, believe it should and will become lawful to use it to treat conditions from epilepsy to cancer in the very near future.

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Penned By: Michael Wolf

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