Should I get snipped & clipped?


Male circumcision is in great debate today with many asking whether it is worth it. There are drastically mixed opinions in the public community. Many of those in the medical community are not much better. There seems to be benefits for getting snipped and well as for leaving your little dude intact. There also seems to be a lot more oppositions to having new born baby boys circumcised.

Now & Then

New born, male circumcision has been declining for a number of years. The procedure for adult men has advanced and is fairly simple now. It is considered an in-office procedure (1) and is very quick. A number of men are quite satisfied with the decision to be snipped and clipped.

Disease Prevention


It has been told for generations that new born boys should be snipped because it is cleaner and they will be healthier. There seems to be some disagreement in this area. American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force states that it is beneficial for the protection (2) from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is also said that circumcision can help in the prevention of penile cancer and urinary tract infections.

More Pros than Cons 

The AAPTF goes on to say they agree that the benefits far outweigh the risks and warrants medical reimbursement. In their view it does not affect sexual satisfaction, sensitivity, or function. Incidentally, while not all agree, most studies show no adverse outcomes (3) in the sexual arena. Of course, some of those same parents mentioned above say that it is still a big no because their sons will not be having sex anytime in the near future.

ED Options

There are men who say their penile sensitivity increased and others state it decreased post-op. Circumcision is not an alternative treatment for deflation issues. There are numerous high-quality, effective, and affordable male enhancement supplements (1a) available on the market. Men all over the world have put the lead back in their pencil with herbal, all natural libido boosters (2a) and testosterone enhancers (3a).

Yay or Nay

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an adult man getting snipped; however, there is also nothing wrong with him deciding not to. It is a very personal decision and should be carefully considered. It is a simpler process today with only minor risks.

Self Loyalty

The religious aspect, of course, must be mentioned because it was the main reason for circumcision once upon a time. Even this reasoning has declined in popularity and not even all parents are opting to have their sons circumcised regardless of their religion.

Second Opinion


You should talk to your lady during your deliberation and get her opinion. Some women say it makes a difference in how it feels, while other cannot feel any differences. Simply talking to her can help your sort through your own thoughts. This is a personal journey and who better to walk it with you?

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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