Induce Lipolysis Naturally


There are diets being promoted everywhere you turn. Weight loss plans and memberships are being sold through television commercials. The adverts beside your email are screaming lose weight fast. The Journal of the American Medical Association (1) says that out of American adults 35% of men and 40% of women are obese.

There are many reasons people decide to lose weight and perhaps one of the most common is for health. Whether you want to lose weight to begin your body building journey or get on the fast track to fitness, you are probably familiar with most of the current fad diets. While some of them have merit, none of them will work as a fad. Trending does not help you lose weight or become healthier.

Lifetime Commitment

You have been misled by a world of advertising. A diet is the foods that you consume regularly. You should not perceive a diet as something that you must endure for a few weeks and all is well. You have to look upon it as a lifestyle change. There are weight loss products (1a) available on the supplement market which are effective, but only when you make some permanent changes.

Clean up your Act


You should try to avoid all of those fast food traps, processed snacks, and deep fried crap. This does not mean that you should not indulge on occasion. A gooey pastry once in a while or chili cheese fries from time to time are fine. That will not make or break your weight loss. Think moderation as opposed to complete abstinence. You are only human after all. Simply lower your fat intake overall and opt for those that offer health benefits such as salmon and Omega 3s.

Lipolysis Simplified

It is also fine to gets a bit of assistance in the beginning to get your weight loss on the right track. In addition to deciding upon a healthier diet and a physical fitness regimen, you can use natural means to induce lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process that results in the breakdown of fat cell triglycerides. This releases the glycerol and fatty acids stored there. It travels along your blood stream highway until you burn it or it is stored back into your fat cells.

Burn the Fat Boomerang

Adrenaline is released when you exercise, prepare for an endurance run, or lift weights. This in turn increases you heart rate and provides additional oxygen to your muscles. Long term exercise triggers the adrenal glands to release cortisol. Believe it or not, simply imagining that you are exercising can activate this process to a small degree. The length and intensity of your exercise routine are key to the amount of mobilized fat that you burn. Keep in mind that these degrees are different for different people.

If you are an active individual by nature, you will need to increase that activity and continue it for a longer period of time. In the event that you lead more of a sedentary life, you will probably only need to get up and move for a much shorter length of time, at least in the beginning. This translates to active people must pump it up and sedentary individuals can start walking or hike easy to moderate trails.


To recap, initiate the lipolysis process to liberate fatty acids from fat cells and engage in some physical activity which is more intense that normal for you personally. It is also important not to overdo it. It is not a good idea to immediately double your sets and reps even, if you visit the gym regularly. By the same token, if you usually sit on the couch you should not jump up and try to run a 5K.

Helpful Supplements

One popular method to induce lipolysis is weight loss supplements (2a). These are often marketed as fat burning or melting. You will find, if you look around, that many people have had great success with them. You will also find that some male enhancement products (3a) contain some similar ingredients. This is not always the case and those types of supplements are meant to increase your testosterone levels and boost your libido.

Quality Equals Efficiency

They can be an excellent tool to start the process and might be all the head start that you need to get motivated. It is important to research and find quality fat burning products and weight loss supplements. Keep in mind that most products contain one or a combination of stimulants. This group of ingredients is generally the most efficient for inducing lipolysis and increasing your metabolic rate. Their properties release the trapped fat in cells and increase the rate at which you burn them.

inducelipolysisnaturally-milkthistleMilk Thistle

Thistle, also called cirsium oligophyllum,(2) has been scientifically proven to induce lipolysis as well as raise your metabolic rate. Thistle is not only a common flower that you may have growing in your yard, it is a frequent addition to weight loss supplements.


Bromelain can be derived from any part of the pineapple plant, but most often it is harvested from the stem. It is a commonplace component of digestive and weight loss aids because it initiates lipolysis (3) in fat cells as well as hydrolyzes protein.

Green Tea

Green Tea also plays a major role in weight loss formulas due to its ability to incite lipolytic actions preventing fatty acid accumulation in lipocytes. In addition to being a key component in popular supplements it is found in many bottled beverages and in loose tea form.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange extract is harvested from the unripen fruit of the Asian citrus aurantium tree. It works wonders in dietary supplements because it increases your basal metabolic rate and triggers lipolytic effects (4).

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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