Is Chivalry a Turn On For Women?

Is Chivalry a Turn On For Women?

Chivalry: hot or not?

We’ve all heard others say that chivalry is dead, but men all over the world still unknowingly do modern chivalrous deeds that apparently, only women notice. For most of us men, old-fashioned deeds like holding a door for a woman, or simply offering your jacket when it’s cold are just some things that we will do without giving much thought into it – much like a knee-jerk reaction if you could. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s certainly in shorter supply these days, but does that mean that women are no longer interested in a gentleman?

Centuries ago, chivalry is a code of conduct associated with knighthood, which eventually turned into a system of values of how men should carry themselves. What we know now as chivalry is actually more defined as what we think a gentleman should be when it comes to treating ladies. Chivalry certainly isn’t dead, but it had since lost its swag – if you may. However, ladies seem to think that being chivalrous – or being a gentleman, is still one important trait that would make men attractive.

Apparently, the line is drawn between girls and ladies; between girls who haven’t matured in their taste of men, and ladies who understand how men should treat women. If you’re trying to get it on with a modern, mature woman, we suggest being aware of these 5 simple things that make men gentlemen:

1-  Holding doors

Here’s something that only gentlemen would do without any thought – holding doors for women. It’s one of the most traditional chivalrous acts, and it’s becoming quite rare in the modern era. Women love being treated like ladies, and holding the door for them reminds them of that fact.

2-  Walking closest to traffic

When walking on a sidewalk, make sure that you place yourself on the outside closest to the traffic. This is something that women take note of all the time to see how much their date values their safety.

3-  Offer your coat or jacket

It puzzles me how these hipster dudes can wear several layers of clothing and yet forget to offer their jacket to their dates. If it’s cold, offer your jacket. If the AC is turned up while you watch a movie, offer her your coat to keep her warm.

4-  Do not blow your horn

When picking her up for a date, make sure that you get out of your car and knock on the door. No matter how long you’ve known each other, blowing your horn is just rude and disrespectful. Blowing your horn is like summoning her on demand, and no woman wants that.

5-  Do not disappoint

A key value of a gentleman is staying true to their word. So if you say that you’ll call, make it a point that you’ll call. If you get her hot and heavy for sex, make sure that you perform. If you’re feeling a little limp on your date night, make sure that you pop a pill of Formula 41 Extreme to make sure that you’re at your best always.