How to Create Sexual Chemistry with Literally Every Single Girl You Know

by Joseph Printer
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Sexual Chemistry with Literally Every Single Girl 2

You may not believe this, but there is a way to create sexual attraction with literally every single girl you come across. Even the girls you don’t necessarily like or who aren’t necessarily attracted to you. You might have heard of “push, pull theory”. The thing is, it really works. Here are all the reasons why.

1.  Don’t get stuck on one mode

Its easy to get stuck on one mode if you see it working. Don’t fall into this trap. By switching back and forth between friendly flirtation and annoyed aloofness, she won’t know what to think of you. You can do as many as 5 switches in a minute if you really wanted to. The first interaction should be in the friendly realm and then you can go from there. You will become very interesting to her. Does he like me? Does he hate me? Why did he say that I’m ruining his day? But before that he said that I seemed like a cool girl?…You’re confusing her and that will make her think about you all day.

2.  Don’t be too mean

You’ve got to gage whether she seems like she can take a hit. In general it’s always better to go with “annoyed” than with down right mean. Unless she has a ton of attitude, it’s better to do things like ignore her, roll your eyes, shake you head at her etc.. Don’t get too specific and say something like, “your hair looks awful today”. Don’t be a jerk. If she seems like the sensitive type she probably is, in which case it is better to be less direct.

3.  Don’t act like her friend

You don’t want to go from friendly and polite to suddenly aloof. She won’t really notice if you do that and will assume you’re just suddenly in a bad mood. You want to make it clear that you like her. Be super flirtatious, and then take it all away. Say something like “You are so interesting to me”. Finish the interaction and then next time you are talking to her, switch to aloof mode. It will make her so frustrated, yet so attracted.

4.  Avoid mood swings

You don’t want it to look like you’re getting mood swings. Whatever she says or does to you, use that as fodder to react. You want to make it seem like you are truly annoyed at HER and not just annoyed at life in general. That might make her to afraid to talk to you if she sees you’re in a bad mood. You can totally be in a consistently good mood and still “lash out” at her. Look for ways to interpret what she’s doing as annoying. Maybe she brought a cake to the party you’re at and it’s chocolate and you say “I fucking hate chocolate, thanks a lot”. Then , next time you interact, get all flirty with her.

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