The Real Reason She Won’t Sleep With You 

The Real Reason She Won’t Sleep With You

We discuss the real reasons women have for not sleeping with you

At MensLifeAdvice, we always talk about how to perform well in bed and how to make the most out of sex, but all of that means nothing if she’s not willing to have sex with you. A flat-out refusal to have sex with you is brutal, but sometimes it takes something as brutal as rejection to make us understand the real reason why she won’t have sex with you.

Women are hard to understand. They want sex just as much as we do, yet having sex solely depends on how they feel about the situation. There are certain situations that will always affect a woman’s decision to give it up or not, even when they really want to, and you’ll just have to be prepared and take it like a man. Here are some reasons why she won’t sleep with you:

You don’t make her comfortable

A woman can be wildly attracted with you, and yet feel very uncomfortable when you’re together. The attraction is there, but attraction is nothing without comfort. In order to make her comfortable, you would need to make her feel safe alone in your presence. Some men are just way too deep into their macho persona that they forgot to tone it down a bit to make women feel comfortable around them.

She knows she can’t orgasm

There are times when women can feel if they would experience an orgasm or not, and when they do, they would rather catch up on their favorite TV series than offend you by not being able to orgasm. Yes, sometimes, she’s just nice like that.

You’re not a good kisser

How you kiss tells your partner how crafty you can be in bed, and when you’re bad, then it doesn’t bode well for you in bed. A bad kisser is a deal breaker in sex. If you’re unsure about how you make your partner feel when you kiss her, it’s best to ask someone you have actually kissed to get some pointers. It may be awkward, but there’s a 1/100 chance that you end up banging instead.

Slut shaming

If she doesn’t do it with you, then she’s a prude; but if she does, she’s a slut. Yes, that’s what the world has come to now. It makes no sense, but these sentiments are only aired when she’s unsure about how you feel about the whole thing, and if she really had to choose, she’d rather be a prude than a slut.

Your pheromones aren’t clicking

Simply put, pheromones are those chemical signals that tell your partner if you are biological matches. If you’re not a match, then she won’t give in. It’s that simple. However, you can increase the potency of your pheromones by increasing your testosterone levels. Formula 41 Extreme has testosterone-boosting ingredients that can enhance your testosterone production. Higher levels of testosterone will affect you in a number of ways – you carry yourself with a different air of confidence, and your pheromone levels will rise, which can make her biologically attracted to you – and there’s no stronger attraction than that. Check it out.