Pro Tips for Masturbation 

by Joseph Printer
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How happy are you with the way you masturbate?

Sometimes all a guy needs is a nice wank to get back into his normal rhythm. Whether you jerk off to relieve yourself, or you do it simply out of boredom, masturbation can be quite boring and repetitive. When the urge strikes, it’s better to equip yourself with some tips and techniques to get more pleasure out of masturbation.

There’s really no reason to feel guilty about pleasuring yourself. After all, research has shown that masturbation plays a major role in balancing your hormones and improving your blood flow, but no one really does it for the health benefits. To get the most out of masturbation, here are some tips to help you improve your masturbation techniques:

The frenulum stimulation

If you furiously rub your penis up and down to get stimulated, this might help you experience a whole new level of an orgasm. The part where the glans (head of the penis) meets the shaft is called the frenulum. This area is extremely sensitive, and you wouldn’t need to rub your penis up and down just to stimulate this spot. All you have to do is rub your frenulum with the frequency and pressure that you are comfortable with. It gets some time to get used to, but when you start feeling good, it will go from good to awesome real fast.

Start and stop method

This is also known as the orgasm denial method. The idea is to stimulate your penis enough just to reach the point before an orgasm and then stop. Then start again once the sensation has died down. Repeating this for several intervals would result in an extreme orgasm. In some cases, the start and stop method can even make a grown man’s body shake in pleasure.

Masturbate with your off-hand

Some men never try to do it with their off hand. Doing it with your off-hand can make it feel like someone else is giving you a handjob. If you masturbate with your dominant hand without lube, try using lube on your off hand to make the sensation more intense.

Hand-screw technique

The idea to make masturbation less boring is to introduce new sensations that you’re not accustomed to. The typical position when jerking off involves moving your hand up and down. Try moving it in a screwing motion. Add lube for more intense pleasure. It would make it feel like you’re actually penetrating a vagina. Warm up the lube for better results.

Take maca root

Masturbation shouldn’t be a one and done affair. Maca root supplements act as hormone balancers which make you experience more frequent and more intense orgasms. The idea is to shorten your refractory period to let you experience more orgasms. The refractory period is the period of rest following an orgasm before you get interested in doing another round of masturbation.

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