5 Questions Men have about Being Men 

5 Questions Men have about Being Men

Does this answer any of your questions?

As a man, you would expect to know everything you need to know about being a man once you reach adulthood, but as you well know – it’s quite the opposite. As we get older, the more questions we have about ourselves and our body. Most of these questions are quite embarrassing to ask other men; questions about our body and how we should act around other people – things that we should have already known as men.

We have compiled some of the questions that men have for men for your convenience. Check out the 5 questions men have about being men:

Is it really better to be circumcised?

Your parents may have opted not to have you snipped when you were younger, but as an adult, you’re now weighing your options and you’re now thinking about getting rid of your foreskin. According to studies, women are split about the sexual benefits of having circumcision, but there’s always a negative stigma surrounding uncircumcised men. The main issue about circumcision is always hygiene. If you always keep it clean, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, women prefer circumcised men when performing an oral sex. If that’s something you’re ready to give up, then go uncircumcised.

Is it ok to have a man crush? 

The manliest men shouldn’t be ashamed of having a man crush on someone. More often than not, it’s not a sexual thing, which means you’re not turning gay – not that it’s a bad thing, but men have very strict boundaries about being men that simply having a man crush makes them uncomfortable. It’s perfectly fine to have a man crush, but you have to be perfectly confident with your sexual identity.

Why do I get an erection every morning?

Morning wood can put you in a really awkward situation, but it’s not really related to your sexual urge, or what you dreamt of at night. There’s a natural rise and fall of testosterone when you are at rest, and that causes your morning wood. If anything, you should be concerned if you’re not getting an erection, because that means that you have a problem with testosterone, or much worse – erectile dysfunction. If you’re wood-free every morning, then you might want to consider taking Formula 41 Extreme to correct the problem.

Why do I have man boobs?

Man boobs or gynecomastia, is a condition that is caused by an increase in female hormones like estrogen. The problem with estrogen, is that it is caused by an increase in testosterone levels as well since testosterone is converted into estradiol and estrogen thereafter. Take male enhancement pills to regulate the conversion of testosterone to avoid man boobs.

Do I have a small penis?

Most men actually have not seen another erect penis in the flesh other than their own, and that’s why it’s hard to compare your size with others. If you really have to know, anything below 5 inches is below the global average for penis size, and if you have a small penis – you can bet that your partner does too. Make your penis bigger by taking Formula 41 Extreme every day.