5 Gift Ideas that Will Get You Laid 

5 Gift Ideas that Will Get You Laid

Some gift ideas that would get you in her pants

Men in particular are not great gift givers. In fact, we suck at gift giving. We’re more practical – figuring out first if the recipient of our gift would actually use our gift. However, giving a gift to someone special (or someone you just want to have sex with) is another thing. You just can’t pick whatever is available, or you would look like a total tool.

With the holidays in sight, practical men would want to do their shopping now before prices go up. If you can’t figure out what to give her for her special day or the holidays, then read on to find out 5 gifts that will get you laid:

Yoga gear

One thing that yoga enthusiasts would never get tired of buying are yoga gears. Yoga gears are one of the most best-selling sports equipment today, and for a good reason – women just buy ‘em as a fashion statement while working out, however weird that might be. You can buy her a new yoga mat, a flattering sports bra, or figure-hugging yoga pants. If anything, buying her yoga gear is like an investment. Nothing says “I want you hot” like buying her fitness gear.

Tickets to her favorite concert 

Asking someone if they like music is like asking if they like to breathe. Everyone has their own music taste, and it’s quite easy to figure out what kind of music or who she listens to. If the band she adores is coming to town, grab and reserve a ticket. It’s a small investment, and she’ll thank you for weeks until the band comes to town.


Guys need to get their scent game up when giving perfume as a gift. While others would prefer buying the scent that they like the most, I would prefer buying the scent that she always wears. That’s like saying that you love her scent and you’d always like that on her. Of course, you would need to figure out what perfume she wears. It won’t hurt to ask, but it would get you more points if you manage to get the right kind of perfume without asking.


This one is kind of obvious, especially if you’ve been dating for a while If you are, then you shouldn’t be worried about getting laid. But if you’re just wooing her and you have extra cash laying around, then jewelry is a sure-fire hit. Just make sure that you don’t give her a ring. Buy something nice like a necklace or earring – one that fits her personality. Men suck at buying jewelry, so bring an expert with you when you buy.

Sex toy

A little crass, isn’t it? Thankfully the world has become a little bit loose since the 70s, and giving her a piece of your own fantasy may just do the trick. Just make sure that you have established a cool and respectful relationship, and she may just let you watch her use it. Just don’t forget to step up to the plate. Take Formula 41 Extreme before you give her any of these gifts. You’ll never know when you get called up.