Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner – Does it perform?

by Joseph Printer
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It can be flabbergasting trying to figure out which supplements n the market are worth buying, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for! There are a variety of specific pills that claim to be made of safe ingredients and when you want to reduce fat you want to make sure that they are just that.

By using our knowledge of natural herbs and our extensive understanding of their effects we are able to provide expert information and advice on what you should be looking for to achieve your workout goals.

Instead of hurting your head and testing out each one (which also hurts your pocket and health) we have compiled reviews that will make life easier for you!


rippedfuel-purpose-burnfatTwinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme is a dietary supplement that will assist weight loss and help to burn fat. The combination of natural herbs, are to ensure to boost your energy and help you boost your workout.

The formula has recently been modified to substitute the original blend which held the banned controversial substance of Ephedra which is now classed as a contaminant due to reports of people suffering major health problems as a result after consumption.

There were also several death reports which lead to the FDA’s decision. The manufacturers of this product are trying to generate the same feeling provided by the previous version.


rippedfuel-ingredients-cayennefruitThe organic extracts used are: green tea leaf, caffeine, cayenne fruit, cocoa seed and L-carnitine.

Because the pills include caffeine they are sure to help increase your energy and alertness. The problem is there is a high dose of 220 mg – (the equivalent of four cups of coffee).

The recommended daily allowance of caffeine is 400 mg, so if you like coffee – you would have to compromise!


For $39.95 you will receive two bottles of sixty each, (120 capsules), which is a two month supply. Not a bad deal if you want to keep stocked up!

To conclude:

I would opt for a pill that does not contain caffeine like Flat Belly or Garcinia X and avoid the side effects that come along with this component. If caffeine is unnecessary to achieve the results like that which are apparent from taking alternatives, then why bother?

And especially with the price comparison of almost doubling the price, then these products are all-round winners!

Also, it is better to have a fat burning supplement that acts fast with results you can feel and notice as opposed to just suppressing the appetite with a formula that uses all natural and potent herbs which are 100% safe to consume and do not cause dodgy side effects.

Flat Belly fat burning supplements include organic extracts, vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants that are proven to improve gastrointestinal health and reduce fatty buildup and gently cleanse the system without interfering with your body’s natural process.

Garcinia X is another choice because it uses nutrients that get rid of fat deposits through preventing fatty buildup!

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