Lean or Bulk: Pros and Cons

Lean or Bulk: Pros and Cons

Should you go lean or should you go bulk?

Your gym buddies may have gone into a discussion about bulking and cutting, but what’s really in it for you? Bulking or cutting is a decision most recreational bodybuilders try to decide for themselves. There’s no real perfect choice between the two, just upsides and downsides. In this article, we’ll decide the pros and cons of Lean and Bulk based on training, food and nutrition, and aesthetics.



Getting lean is more about getting your body fat to a minimum of 10%. Lower body fat means that your muscles become well-defined without that extra layer of fat hiding it. To be lean, you would need to do cardio, as well as some bodybuilding exercises – depending on what part of your body you are building. You may need more reps and sets on your abs and arms, and a little bit more on your legs just to keep things even. The problem with lean training is the chance of muscle catabolism, where your body basically breaks down muscle tissue to fuel your body’s nutritional needs.


Bulk training is about strength and weight training at its best – increased reps and sets with the heaviest weight you can lift. The best thing about bulk training is that you set your own limits. Should you decide to go slow, it’s up to you – and you don’t need to worry about doing cardio. When bulking up, almost everything exercise works, but nothing works forever so make sure that you do small training cycles to build evenly.



Obviously, food and diet is one of the most challenging parts of getting lean. Being lean means that you should just eat what your body needs to prevent fatty buildup. In occasions, you might need to prepare food for yourself simply because other food options are just not in tune with your fitness targets.


Have it you way – really. Getting bulk does not mean that you can eat anything you want, but you can eat pretty much anything as long as it doesn’t end up clogging your arteries. Eat low-cholesterol, healthy food. The point is to get food in to feed your muscles with energy. You may end up gaining a bit of body fat, but that’s all good since your body needs the stored energy anyway.



Getting lean may be much more difficult than bulking up, but it’s all worth it for lean men in the long run. Well-defined muscles are an eye candy for the ladies, and you have no issues looking for clothes that would fit.


It’s not all bad for bulk men. If anything, recreational bodybuilders admire men with well-bulked bodies. However, finding clothes that fit nicely would be a problem.


There’s no easy way to bulk or lean, but it’s worth it either way. If you’re looking to gain some serious muscle mass, make sure that you take the best supplement for muscle gain, NitroGenix 365. Should you decide to cut on body fat, get the best fat burning pill in LipoGenix Elite.



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