Getting Your Girl in Bed for the First Time 

by Joseph Printer
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So, you just picked up a girl, have been dating her for a couple of weeks, and are now looking to score for the first time. And if you have a more conservative girl, she’s probably playing really hard to get in this area.

You want it, she wants, so you both want it. But in today’s society, if she sleeps with you too quickly, that would mean that she’d be a slut. This delays the whole process, as she’s looking to extend her societal qualities.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but that just means you have to be extra good in trying to get her into bed for the first time. And if you’re lacking in the smooth talking area, you could probably use a little help.

If you need help banging your new girl for the first time, here are some things you could try:

#1 – Try Making Her Feel Super Comfortable Around You

The reason she might not have slept with you yet is because she doesn’t feel fully comfortable around you yet. She mostly likely likes you, otherwise she would have ditched you a long time ago. But it might not be enough for sex yet.

If you treat her to nice gifts, dinner, a movie, a massage, or any combination of those, you’ll look like a big guy treating his girl right.

This could be a sign to her that you’re a keeper, and that it’s okay to have sex with you now.

#2 – Wait for Her Time

If she begins acting more flirty or starts wearing more revealing clothing around you, this a total heads up that you’re almost ready to have some sex for the first time.

And if she invites you over for movies or something, and she’s wearing just a robe, you’re in the clear!

But even if this all doesn’t happen, there are other signs that she’s ready to have sex.

#3 – If She Touches You More, This is Your Time to Shine

If she becomes more of a hands on girl, you’re about to have sex, and you can probably feel it. Girls use this tactic to tease guys, and it always works.

She’ll probably rub your arm, hang all over you, or try rubbing your chest. These are all signs that she’s letting you know that she’s ready.

So if you see any of these hints, you’re about ready to bang for the first time, and hopefully not the last time!

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