Nitro X

Nitro X

More mass, less hassle. Your journey to getting ripped starts with Nitro X.


Have you ever looked at a dude in the beach with ripped muscles, and just started thinking “ I can’t do that…” Well, now you can.

In fitness, we are led to believe that effort equals results, and that anything you do in-between to get faster results is cheating. It’s an unfair assessment since majority of the medicine we take already have harmful side effects, and these supplements that would actually make a better holistic solution to your weight problems are deemed cheating.

Let’s set the record straight:

Taking supplements is not cheating. In this review, we’ll take a closer look into Nitro X to see how it stacks against other muscle development pills available today.

Product Information

How Nitro X works is actually very easy to explain. Nitro X’s active ingredients act as vasodilators, they open your blood vessels more, so blood could freely pass. More blood running to the blood vessels mean that the muscles could get every nutrient it needs to grow.

Aside from your circulatory system, Nitro X can also enhance the way your muscle responds to exercise. When you do intense workouts, your muscles can be ripped to the point that it causes consistent pain. Nitro X works as a catalyst so your muscles heal faster. When your muscles are used during intense workouts, your muscle would be stretched to the point that it needs time off to recuperate.

Rating: Good

Active ingredients

The active ingredients on Nitro X are headlined by Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a product of L-Arginine which opens up your blood vessels to make your muscles more receptive to nutrients, which in turn would make muscles leaner and stronger.

Nitro X ingredients include the following:

B-Vitamins (B3, 6, and 12) give the body more energy and supports the rate of metabolism in the body. Nitro X also contains L-carnitine, which is a popular weight controlling product, and Green Tea extract which is a natural source of caffeine.

It’s important to remind yourself that if you’re planning to take Nitro X today, better avoid caffeinated drinks to prevent palpitations and other side effects associated with caffeine.

Rating: GOOD


Nitro X is a fantastic muscle enhancement pill. It can be a lot better by combining it with other muscle-building compounds like deer antler velvet and testosterone. Supplement combination is where my money is at. Check out the combo of NitroGenix 365, Xtreme Testosterone, and Deer Antler Maximum Strength, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.