5 Positions Women Like Best

by Joseph Printer
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As a woman, it can be difficult to take charge in the bedroom – especially in instances of a new sexual encounter, where you may be concerned about how your partner will react. In this post, we discuss five positions many women prefer, and how to keep her excited and active in the bedroom.

#1: Girl-on-Top

A lot of girls agree that being on top allows them the control they want, and satisfaction in being able to call the shots sexually. This position is not too intense for the guy, so it can ultimately result in sex lasting longer for the both of you. It is exhilarating for the woman to have complete control over the pace, angle and depth of penetration.

#2: The Butterfly

Not only is the name pretty; but the butterfly position is simple, sexy and a whole lot of fun. Have your girl lie on her back on the edge of the bed or any sturdy and raised piece of furniture with her legs up on your shoulders. Using her arms and hands as leverage, she can control the angle of penetration – which is an added bonus!

#3: Missionary Position

Believe it or not, the tried and true missionary position still ranks as a favorite amongst women. Some suggested enjoying the lack of effort on their part, while others said they occasionally appreciate taking a break from being in control. All women appreciate the intimacy the missionary position entails, along with the ability to kiss and make eye contact with their man during the act.

#4: Doggy Style

Few things are more exciting for a man than doggy style, and women know it.  Men love the view, and both will appreciate the deep stimulation they receive and the intensity of climax. Both parties are able to control penetration to a degree, and this is always a plus. Not to mention, doggy style makes it easier for the woman to play with herself, if she is so inclined.

#5: Standing Up

Spontaneous sex is enough to get anybody excited, and should be practiced as often as possible! Standing up is not only a great escape from your usual routine, but it’s also a challenging position that allows you to do it anywhere, anytime. Try it in the kitchen, living room, or even outside!

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