What is Triggering Your Depression and How to Fix it 

by Joseph Printer
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If you’re feeling depressed all the time, or are depressed by things that occur in your life, it’s a debilitating issue that should be thought about. Depression is a very serious and clinical condition, and it’s not just a feeling you get when you got a bad grade on a test or were yelled at by someone close to you.

The word ‘depressed’ has sort of taken on a pop-culture persona, and it’s not a correct analysis.

So if you’re a person who feels extremely down, severely depressed, and may think about suicide often, here’s what may be triggering your depression and what to do about it:

Depression Has Often been Thought to Be Caused by a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain

There’s a reason why people with clinical depression are depressed while others feel not-so-bad. It’s not just because some people have less-stressful lives and better existences, even though that may contribute to the overall cause.

It’s usually a combination of your environment, personal life, and your body composition.

It’s often thought that your body composition, such as your genes, chemical make-up, and personality, contribute to your depression by 75%, while the rest of the factors make up the rest of the equation.

Essentially, if you can conquer your mind, you can conquer your depression.

But taking harmful pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life is hardly an option. While it could be a good bandage for temporary relief, the side-effects are usually so severe that people would rather be depressed.

For instance, some anti-depressants cloud your thoughts and memory so badly that you barely feel like you’re conscious. Imagine feeling like you’re totally empty upstairs, without any capability to think properly?

Sounds awful, but this is what may happen to you if you take these drugs indefinitely.

A Natural Way to Helping your Depression

Rather than taking drugs every day that may make things worse, you should look toward a more natural and wholesome way to help your depression.

First, you need to think clearly on what may be causing your depression. Is it you? Is it your job? Is it members of the opposite sex? Maybe a little bit of all of them?

If you can pinpoint your cause, you can reduce or cut it out of your life completely. Of course, if your problem is lack of women in your life, you need to help your appearance and personality.

That’s a more complicated issue, and you could probably find tips to help you pick up women easier, but if you find your cause and eliminate it, your chance of reducing your depression significantly decreases.

You could also try taking peppermint essential oil supplements, as well as fish oil supplements. This will help your brain produce more beneficial chemicals! Try anything before pharmaceuticals, and you’ll be fine.

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