Pheromones 101 – Introduction to Pheromones

Pheromones 101 – Introduction to Pheromones

Use your pheromones to your advantage!

Have you ever wondered why women smell so good and yet you can’t put your finger into what makes them smell so good, or even why they smell good even when they have just finished working out? That may be the handiwork of pheromones. Simply put, pheromones are odorless chemicals released by the body to signal the opposite sex that you are genetically compatible to mate and reproduce.

From an evolutionary standpoint, pheromones are what tells us who we should mate with, to produce a genetically-healthy offspring. It sounds quite unromantic, but pheromones are basically the chemicals that fuel biological attraction, and subsequently – sexual attraction. Pheromones have a lot of other functions, but its function that helps attraction is what men need to pay attention to the most.

Pheromones are odorless, invisible, and airborne; add to the fact that the effects of pheromones occur at a subconscious level, which basically means that it triggers your human instincts which makes it hard to resist. As men, you can take advantage of this fact and make women biologically attracted to you, which makes them friendlier and even touchier with you.

Here are some ways for you to improve your pheromone levels:


The first one is always cruel, isn’t it? Abstinence from sex and masturbation increases your pheromone levels simply because your body is trying to send a signal to other females that you’re ready to get some. When you haven’t had an orgasm for a while, your testosterone levels increase, and this affects the production of pheromones like Androstadienone and Androstenone.

Good personal hygiene

While pheromones are natural secretions by the body, one would think that it would be counter-productive to wash these precious pheromones away. However, it’s important to think about the things that women could actually smell (your body odor) over things that they couldn’t detect (your pheromones). Bad hygiene builds bacteria, which gives you that nasty body odor. Good personal hygiene amplifies your pheromones in a way that it is not mixed with a negative smell, so women can respond positively to it.

Take testosterone boosters

Raising your free testosterone levels will also increase your pheromone levels. Androstadienone, a metabolite of testosterone, is one of the pheromones linked to female attraction. The production of testosterone also increases Androstenone, the pheromone released by most men. Increasing your testosterone will definitely amp up your game and in a good way. If you’re not convinced, you can look up forums of bodybuilders taking testosterone supplements, and see how many of them noticed that women were practically throwing themselves at the men who are taking testosterone boosters.

Using pheromones can give you an advantage to attract the opposite sex, but all of that means nothing if you can’t perform in bed. Take the best male enhancement supplement Formula 41 Extreme daily to improve your sexual performance. As a bonus, Formula 41 Extreme also contains tongkat ali, a testosterone booster to improve your testosterone, and subsequently, your pheromone levels.