Text Game: Don’t Make these 3 Common Mistakes

April 28, 2016 / blogging
Text Game: Don’t Make these 3 Common Mistakes

Texting is great. It’s super convenient, it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s a godsend for introverts. It’s the way of the future and it has completely changed the way we communicate. Texting has also completely changed the way we date. No longer is it “will she call me back?”, it’s “will she text me back?” Knowing the “how-to’s” of texting is critical for relationship survival. Just make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes and you’ll never lose a girl to text again.

  • You wait to respond

    1. Don’t wait! Especially if she responds to your initial text right away. You know why? You know she now has the phone in her hand. Unless she’s texting under the dinner table or secretly in her pocket at work, she’s looking at her phone. Maybe she’s browsing Instagram or checking her email. This is your chance to “create an experience” with her. Take her on a little ride. Girls revel in the half smiley back and forth flirty text session. It gives them so much pleasure. It’s not needy at all to respond right away. Maybe it was about 5 years ago, but nowadays, it’s kind of assumed you were already looking at your phone. It’s sad, but true.
  • You ask questions

    1. If you don’t really know the girl, don’t ask things like “how was your day?”, “what are you up to later?”. Not only are these boring, but she KNOWS you don’t really care. Asking these questions are making you seem like you’re trying too hard and putting the power in her hands. Instead tell her something funny that related to what you were talking about earlier. Or if you haven’t even spoken on text yet, reference something from the night before. Maybe she said she can’t drink a certain brand of beer because one time she got really sick from it. Say you’re at the beer store and see a bunch of cases of said beer. Send her a picture of it and say, “I found your kryptonite”. Something funny and relevant.
  • You’re boring

    This is a huge mistake. Texting is NOT the same as having a vocal conversation. It’s kind of like a condensed conversation. If you send a boring text, you will condition her to be bored when she sees that it’s you. Kind of like Pavlov’s dog. Condition her to be excited when she sees it’s you. Send her messages that will make her feel good. Funny jokes, funny things that happened to you that day. A really good thing to do is send something cool or funny that happened and it doesn’t even have to be real! An example would be: “OMG Christopher Walken just walked by me on the street”, or “I’m at work right now and I think I’m still drunk from last night…whoops lol”. Text her as if you’re texting your best friend. She will sense your sincerity and will be more likely to respond.