Is Male Enhancement Right for You? Do You Need Male Enhancement?

Is Male Enhancement Right for You?

That all depends on your penis size, confidence level, and how comfortable you are with your body.
Do you feel small? Do you think you could use a little extra in the bedroom? You’re not alone.
Polls have shown that over 67% of men are no confident with the size of their penis. This is because you often see pictures of other men with larger members and then compare your undoubtedly smaller penis to theirs.

The average penis size for a man is roughly 6 inches. Is yours smaller than that? If you’re 5 inches or lower, you should probably seek some form of male enhancement to get back in the game.

But what should you do? Do you need surgery? Are there natural alternatives to male enhancement?

1. First Step? Look at All-Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

Your first approach should absolutely be natural male enhancement supplements. They offer some of the best results and virtually no side-effects if you have no previous history of any allergies.

And while they work very well, you have to look in the right direction. You can’t just choose the first one you see.

Unfortunately, a lot of male enhancement supplements do not work. They often contain low-quality ingredients that do nothing to increase your penis.

Fortunately, our tests and actual users have shown that the following products will increase the size of your penis, as well as increase your libido, sex-drive, and sexual energy:

– Formula 41 Extreme


– FCK Power

– Instant Erection

2. Penis Enhancement Exercises

This is your plan B if you can’t find success with a male enhancement product, which is very rare. If you use the above products, 99.9% of men have seen favorable results.

But if you fall in the 0.1% percentile, you can do penis enhancing exercises to give yourself a boost in the penis size department.

The following exercises have been known to stretch and increase the size of your penis after many months of daily usage: lunges, jelqing, hip abduction and reflexion.

3. Penis Enhancement Surgery

This if your last resort, as there happens to be the most amount of side-effects that you can encounter, such as loss of erection ability, loss of hardness, and inability to orgasm.

These are serious side-effects, which is why this should be a last resort.

But your body has up to 3 extra inches of penis inside your body.

This unused penis can be increased by going inside and pulling it out for your to use.

Be prepared to a lengthy rehab period, though. You may not be able to have sex for up to 4 months after surgery.

So there you have it: 3 great ways to increase your penis. We highly recommend using male enhancement supplements first.