How many women i had sex with

by Joseph Printer
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Everyone has a number. And in this age of smartphone seduction, sex is literally at our fingertips. You may have a list of lovers you’ve entirely forgotten about already, and that’s ok.

Below, we map out the possibilities and what it might mean for you.


If you’ve slept with five or fewer women in your lifetime, you’re most likely A) a serial monogamist, B) conservative by nature, or C) waiting for “the one.” We don’t consider zero a number because, well, virgins. 


Perhaps this is the most realistic range. According to a study presented by Health Survey for England, the average man has 9.3 sexual partners in his lifetime (we don’t want to know where the .3 comes from).


You’re either striving for greatness! However, 20+ women and the average number of lies you’re telling to women to get laid is also likely to spike. That’s simple logic. Regardless, conquering between 15 and 30 (worthy) women is quite the sexual accomplishment.


Bringing home 20 women at once is certainly something you’ll want the entire world to hear about. but 50 women in 50 different occasions requires equal parts game, focus, and stamina – only the strong survive this bracket.

More than 100

You must be really good looking, and should probably build a monument. You may also would like to have a permanent residency at your local health clinic, and should probably get tested early and often.


This is a category reserved just for Wilt Chamberlain. “I was just doing what was natural – chasing good-looking ladies, whoever they were and wherever they were,” he’d boast. Is it even possible to bed 20,000 ladies in a lifetime? Unless you’re an athletic legend who’s scored over 31,000 points in the NBA (do the math: that’s about 1.55 women per career point), we highly suggest you not attempt this feat of sexual brilliance.

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