5 Ways People Ruin the Gym for You 

by Joseph Printer
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Going to the gym every day is supposed to be sort of a spiritual oasis away from the constant stress at work and at home. It’s supposed to be a place where you can go and get away from it, and then hit the weights hard to trash some stress that has built up. Cardio also has the same effect, as it allows you to get in your own little world and escape reality while making yourself fit and healthy.

But sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you get to the gym and question the motives and actions of some people, and it could totally ruin your entire gym session.

If you regularly go to the gym, here are 5 ways that people have probably ruined the gym for you:

#1 – Stole Your Equipment in the Middle of a Workout

Doesn’t this drive you crazy? You’re in the middle of a workout, step away to catch your breath, and someone has stolen your spot, and not even a polite “are you using that? either.

I’m not sure what some people are thinking, but it’s always nice to ask if someone is using a particular machine or area.

#2 – Didn’t Clean the Equipment After They Were Done with It

It’s pretty gross, isn’t it? They were just going nuts on the chest press for 10 minutes, got crazy sweaty, and just left it like that.

On occasion, when I was wasn’t paying attention, I would sit at these stations and have someone else’s sweat all over me. How gross is that? Yuck!

#3 – Hog the Dumbbell Rack

There’s an entire gym to workout in, but for some reason, people like to grab their dumbbells and do their workouts right in front of the rack, blocking anyone else from grabbing the rest of them.

How annoying is this? You just want to workout, but this guy can’t take a few steps back to let anyone else in on the action.

How hard is it to move away after you grab your dumbbells?

#4 – Leave Their Stuff All Over the Place

Some people have no manners. These kinds of people will treat the public gym like their own private room, littering the area with their own junk.

People don’t want to trip over your water bottle, bag, chalk, or whatever you brought that day.

#5 – Take Up Multiple Machines at Once

This is the worst. When someone takes up 2 or 3 machines or racks at the same time, you get so mad, right?

Nothing worse than someone who thinks he has the right the hog multiple equipment at the same time. Use one machine at a time, and then move on to the next, please.

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