3 Ways to Show Your Women You Mean Business in Bed

3 Ways to Show Your Women You Mean Business in Bed

If you’re looking to engage in some much needed sexual activities with your woman and she’s not getting the hint, it can be frustrating. When you’re just sitting there thinking about doing her and all she’s thinking about is food or going to sleep, there is a clear conflict of interest going on.

But there are certainly ways to spruce up the mood between the two of you, and they’re not as hard or complicated as you might think.

If you’re ready to always get the sex that you want, here are 3 ways to do so:

#1 – Get a Male Enhancement Product

While this will definitely get you in the mood, it will also get your lady in the mood, as well. While she can’t exactly take pills that were designed for a male, just the idea of you taking them regularly will be enough to get her going downstairs.

She’ll know that you’re looking for sex, and she’ll also know that you’re really horny because you’re taking these pills, so she’ll be more inclined to have sex with you more often.

But with so many products out there to choose from, you want only the best ones so you see the best chances at having sex more often.

Here are 3 of my favorites:

Formula 41 Extreme 

FCK Power

Libido Booster Extreme


These products have been clinically proven to significantly boost your sex-drive, sexual desire, and erection quality, as well as libido.

#2 – Get Her in the Mood First

While she won’t exactly be interested in having sex that often, you could try doing stuff to her first to let her know that you want to get down and dirty.

You could try a sensual massage, or perhaps you could even go down on her to get her blood going.

All of this should be in your favor, as then you’ll be open to engage in more sex.

#3 – Spit Some Good Game

If you’re a good talker, you can spit some hot game at her to get her in the mood. Like in the Shakespeare days, people who court their women with nothing but poems, great story, and amazing dialogue.

This could also be what you need to get her in the mood. There’s nothing sexier than an eloquent speaker!


So with these tips in mind, you’ll absolutely get her to open up and have more sex with you regularly. All it takes is a little effort!