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by Joseph Printer
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There was once a misconception that men did not get sick, or perhaps it was that they were not allowed to. More and more men are becoming aware of their own health care. Today men are likely to come forward to talk about issues that may be conflicting with their lives and seek out answers. One of the least talked about aspects used to be sexual health. Men did not like to admit, if they had any conditions which might conflict with their sexual performance.

While there are still those gentlemen who still prefer not to talk about sexual issues, most are now coming forward to address the issue and find effective resolutions. Many of those men who are bold and brave enough to do so are finding that there is not anything actually incurably wrong with them. The majority of the elements that affect sexual dysfunction are easily rectifiable. One of the most popular solutions for these issues is male enhancement products.

A Toxic World

There are quite literally thousands of products on the market which claim to be able to help men get their libido functioning better than it ever did. Many of these are prescription medications with harmful side effects. There are also numerous natural alternatives; however, most do not stack up to the claims. There are a few that actually do and Formula41 Extreme is at the top of the list.

The most common causes of male sexual issues are testosterone declination, toxin overload in vital body systems, and prescription medications. The side effect which most commonly affects men taking prescription anti-depressants is erectile dysfunction. Toxins are found in household cleaners, hygiene products, foods from grocery stores and restaurants, and even the air people breathe. The odds seems to be insurmountably stack for failure.

Multi-functional Resolution

Formula41 Extreme contains an arsenal to combat all of these issues and is a safe alternative for men. One of the main ingredients in this formula is Muira Puama. This little miracle shrub rows in the Amazon Rain Forest. It is rich in antioxidants which helps eliminate the toxins the world is bombarded with on a daily basis. Most individuals are not aware that stress also increases the toxin burden within the body.

Stress negatively impacts all of the symptoms of the body from the immune system to toxin breakdown and elimination. Chemical properties in Muira Puama relieve stress and anxiety better than many anti-depressant and anti-anxiety prescription pharmaceuticals. This means that it is a natural solution to these disorders which does not the same side effects of those often prescribe by the medical community.

Muira Puama incites the body’s production of free testosterone which is an important hormone for men and sexual function. It also contains properties which encourage the body to balance hormones. Both of these actions have a dramatic impact on the libido there by increasing male arousal and sexual performance.

Direct and Indirect Impact

This is just one of the medicinal ingredients within Formula41 Extreme. All of them are naturally grown and harvested from the earth’s soil in their respective indigenous countries. They therefore do not produce the negative side effects that most synthesized medications do. The producers have published scientific research of Formula41 Extreme’s effectiveness. Each one of them was selected for its specific effects upon the body. The ingredients that Formula41 Extreme is comprised of were, of course, chosen for their direct effects on the body; however, every one of them was chosen for their indirect effect as well.

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